The mysterious Valley of the Moon

Ischigualasto Provincial Park. Valley of the Moon
Ischigualasto: Valley of the Moon - ©Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

Ischigualasto or Valle de la Luna (Valley of the moon) as it's often called, is one of the most important paleontologic sites in Argentina and the world.

It has fossil remains of vertebrates, foot prints of dinosaurs and petrified araucaria trunks that go back to the Mesozoic era, some 180 million years ago.
It's located in the NE of San Juan province, Argentina, near the border with Chile.

Its northern border touch Talampaya National Park in La Rioja Province, so it's a good idea to combine a visit to both of them while you're there.

This is a major tourist attraction in Argentina you wouldn't want to miss: its impressive scenery and unspoiled beauty are unique and totally different from other natural areas in the country. "The mushroom", "The submarine", "The parrot" and "Alladin's lamp", are peculiar grey-green rock formations sculpted by the constant action of wind erosion over a period of millions of years.


Ischigualasto Provincial Park: The mashroom
Ischigualasto - © Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

The Park has little facilities for visitors, so bring your own provisions, beverages, sunblock or whatever else you need for a day out in the open. The tour takes about four hours to complete and you'll be accompanied by a park ranger in their own vehicles.

There is an entrance fee of $25 (around U$S 8).

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How to Get There

There are frequent flights from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to San Juan. From there you can book your excursion through local tour operators and plan your trip the way it suit you better.

Where to Stay

Nearby towns of San Agustin del Valle Fertil (cute little town about 85 km. south of the Park) or Villa Union (70 the north), provide for all your needs of lodging, commerce and medical care.

Villa Union:

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