Internet Access in South America

by Claire Jacques
(Quebec , Canada)

If I don't bring a personal computer, can I find plenty internet cafes where computers can be found and used on site ?..

Is it easy to talk overseas from these machines (like with a microphone, msn) ?..

Is it easy to copy mi photos from a memory card to a CD ?..


Yes Claire, there are plenty of options as far as Internet access in South America is concerned.

In Argentina, for instance, more than Internet cafes you will find "Locutorios".

Locutorio (from the Spanish verb "hablar" - to speak) is a place where you can make international phone calls and also hire a computer, to check your emails, to use a microphone and so on.

If you are travelling to a very remote area (jungle, mountains, etc) this may not be the case, so you are better off by doing all of the above before departing the city or town you initiate that particular journey from.

If carrying a digital camera to one of those faraway places, here is a couple of tips...

-) Get a good supply of batteries (the long-life type).
Please do not dispose them anywhere, they are very toxic.
Bring them back home instead and do it properly.

-) Bring a spare memory card or two.
Today they are cheap (money ways) and with lots of space (8GB or more) to store pixels.

-) Unless you are doing a professional photographic work that would require high resolution images - 1 MB or more each - set your camera to a smaller resolution.

And when you get back to a more developed area or town you can download them into a CD or have it done for you.

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