Iguazu Falls...
One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature

 Iguazu National Park
Iguazu Adventure - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

Iguazu falls are located in Iguazu national park, which covers the north of the province of Misiones (Argentina) and the southwest of the state of Parana (Brazil), close to the point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay converge.

The name "Iguazu" means "great waters" in Guaraní language.

According to the legend, the waterfall was created in an outburst of rage by the god of the Iguazu river, who lived in the most violent and impressive cascade: Garganta del Diablo (Devil's throat).

There are 275 cascades that spread over nearly two miles of the Iguazu river.
This incredible sight gets enhanced by luxuriant forests filled with palms, bamboo, tree ferns, wild orchids and begonias. Around 450 species of birds complement this ideal setting, being macaws, parrots and toucans the most brilliantly feathered.

Its beauty can only be rivaled by Victoria falls in Africa and the astonishing Angel falls in Venezuela.
This led Eleanor Roosevelt to say..."poor Niagara".

You have several ways to explore Iguazu falls...

Try to explore the falls from both sides: the Argentine side, Iguazu national park has the best close-ups views, while the Brazilian side (Foz do Iguazu) has the most spectacular panoramic view.

Best time to visit: The rainy season (December to February), when the rate of flow of water going over the falls may reach 450.000 cubic feet (12.750 cubic meters) per second.
However, you might encounter cold, dreary days and floodwaters on the catwalks.If you prefer dry and blue-sky weather, choose the dry season (April to July).

Please include Iguazu falls in your next journey to Argentina.

You will never cease to be amazed by this fantastic sight...

Iguazu National Park. Panoramic view of Iguazu falls
Iguazu National Park - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

How to Get There:

There are several national and international flights that touch down in Puerto Iguazu (Argentina), Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Foz do Iguazu (Brazil).
From Buenos Aires, you can take Aerolineas Argentinas or Southern Winds Airlines. Please visit Argentina airports for more info on this.

Where to Stay:

Find and compare best hotel rates in Puerto Iguazu.

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