Home Based Travel Agent
Part Four

In Home Based Travel Agent Part Four we will investigate if this is the right approach for you and visualize different scenarios ideally placed to benefit from this emerging trend...

Is Being a Home Based Travel Agent For You?...

Lagoinha, Ceara. Brazil
Brazil: Lagoinha, Ceara - Embratur

Who should get into the travel agent game?...

Now that I've been in it myself for a while and know how easy it is to get started, to make sales, to make bookings, and to make money, my answer is simple and straightforward:


After all, even if all you want to do is save money on your own travel for business and pleasure, becoming a home-based travel agent is one of the best way to do just that.

If you're eager to start a fun, moneymaking home business, you'll find that becoming a home based travel agent can be done quickly and cheaply.

In fact, most people who take my home study course are so excited by the possibilities that they start their travel agent career rolling even before they've finished the course!

It's that easy to get started.

In the meantime, however, consider these good solid reasons for joining the thousands of people who are having fun and making money in the home based travel agent lifestyle:

So, you see, just about everyone has a good reason to become a home based travel agent, but there are still some reasons to think twice before you jump in with both feet, as we will see in the next lesson...

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