History of South America...

Are you interested about the history of South America?..Would you like to know how the South American nation was created?..

If you do, read on, because the following pages will introduce you chapter-by-chapter to the history of South America since pre-Hispanic days through the work of William Henry Koebel. W.H.Koebel (1872-1923), North American writer and journalist has dealt extensively on this subject matter.

In fact, throughout his prolific career he wrote several books, among others...

  • Modern Argentina, The Eldorado of to-day; with notes on Uruguay and Chile
  • Modern Chile
  • Paraguay
  • South America
  • The great south land, the River Plate and southern Brazil of to-day
  • The South Americans
  • Uruguay

The book we are going to concentrate on it's called South America, and here is the introduction by the author...

"The history of a continent such as South America, confined to the limits of a single volume of moderate size, must of necessity contain some elements of mere survey.

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Nevertheless, since in no other but a condensed form could the respective strides achieved by the various nations of this continent be satisfactorily judged and compared, the author is encouraged to hope that this small work may fill in one of the most obvious of the many gaps in the English versions of South American history. He has endeavored to lay stress on the trend of the authorities and peoples in question rather than to emphasize the rigid succession of Governors and Presidents.

In the same way, since space has had to be considered, it was thought desirable to introduce at any length only those personalities notable for their actions and intrinsic influence, leaving in the background those others whose only claim to the interest of posterity lies in the weight of the office they held".

History of South America

Cristopher Columbus
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. "Sebastian Venetus, fecit 1519"
II. Columbus
III. The Spanish Conquistadores
IV. The Discovery and Early History of Brazil
V. The Conquest of Peru
VI. Spaniard and Native
VII. The Colonization of the South
VIII. The Government of South American Colonies
IX. Foreign Raids on Spanish Colonies
X. Foreign Raids on Portuguese Colonies
XI. The Colony of Peru
XII. The Colony of Chile
XIII. The Colonies of Paraguay and the River Plate
XIV. The Northern Colonies
XV. The Last Days of Empire
XVI. The War of Independence I
XVII. The War of Independence II
XVIII. Brazil: From Colony to Empire
XIX.The Empire of Brazil
XX.From Empire to Republic
XXI.Modern Brazil
XXII.The Independence of Spanish America
XXIII.The Republic of Peru
XXIV.The Republic of Paraguay
XXV.The Paraguayan War
XXVI.The Republic of Chile
XXVII.The Republics of the River Plate
XXVIII.The Northern Republics

Whether you are a student, researcher, history lover or a traveller willing to learn about the history of South America before getting there, you will find this both, interesting and entertaining reading.

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