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Land of ancient cultures and breathtaking attractions, Bolivia embraces an astonishing range of landscapes and climates.

There is virtually no limits about what to do and see in Boliva. From the white desert of the Uyuni Salt Flats in the Bolivian Altiplano, to the silver mines of Potosi and the crystal clear shores of Lake Titicaca - shared with Peru - the landscapes of Bolivia are breathtaking.

The country’s cultural diversity and ethnic make-up are equally fascinating. Being South America's most indigenous country - 60% of it is composed by native Americans - the richness and complexity of the Plurinational State of Bolivia are outstanding.

Three centuries of Spanish colonial rule have left their mark on the nation's language, religion and architecture. While Spanish is one of the official languages, the 2009 Constitution specifies 37 languages as official, being Quechua, Aymara and Tupi-Guarani the most widely spoken. For a country of just under ten million people, this is nothing short of extraordinay.

Despite all its attractions, Bolivia remains one of the least-visited countries in the continent, so you're unlikely to find a horde of international visitors. It may be off the beaten path for many travelers, but surely is a superb destination if willing to explore this fascinating mix of cultures hidden in the heart of South America.

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