Gigapan Venezuela...
High-resolution panos from "Little Venice"

With Gigapan Venezuela we continue exploring the 4th continent through gigapixel+ images, a project that started with Gigapan Brazil and now extending to Venezuela thanks to the work of Aureliano Fernandez.

For those not familiar with Gigapan technology - initially used in Mars exploration and later made commercially available to explore planet Earth by regular guys like you and me - it's a fantastic way of capturing and then sharing extremely high-resolution composite images in real time with the rest of the world.

It's basically a robotic mount that allows many digital cameras to capture a serie of images across a grid that are later downloaded to a personal computer and, with the help of software to stitch them together, renders a single gigapixel image.

That image - once uploaded to (free user community website) - can be shared, commented, geolocated, etc. For more info regarding gigapan and what do you need to capture your own gigapanoramics visit Gigapan South America.

Marking the beginning of the exhibition, the first gigapanoramic of Caracas (Venezuela's capital) underneath ranks amongst the three most viewed, with over 62,000 visits and counting.

You can view this and other gigapans, share, comment and create snapshots by joining

Gigapan Venezuela: Caracas

Plaza Venezuela (Venezuela Square). Caracas.

La Guaira Port

Epic moments (Paintings) in the life of Simon Bolivar.

Plaza Altamira (Altamira Square). Caracas

Ceramic Mural. Artist: Pedro Leon Zapata.

Laberinto Cromo Vegetal. Artist: Venezuelan Sculptor Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Gigapan Venezuela:
Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park is one of the largest in Venezuela, embracing most of the State of Bolivar and worldwide famous for its tepuis (table-top mountains) and the largest free fall watertalls known to date: Angel falls.

Mount Rorairma (Monte Roraima) immediately bellow is the highest peak, in the tripartite border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

Mounts Roraima and Kukenán:

Aponawo Waterfall

Gigapan Venezuela:
Tovar Colony

Tovar Colony (Colonia Tovar) is a German enclave located in the State of Aragua, some 42km to the west of Caracas.

Now a popular week-end destination, loaded with second homes for family retreats, tourist facilities and pleasant sourroundings, it was founded in 1843 and definitely is one of the attractions to be included in your Venezuela holidays.

Bolivar square at Tovar colony

Selva Negra Restaurant:

We truly hope you've enjoyed Gigapan Venezuela and the excellent work of Aureliano.
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Aureliano Fernandez
Aureliano Fernandez

About the Author:

Aureliano Fernandez (gpanven) is a Venezuelan Economist currently Profesor at Simon Bolivar Universitiy, Caracas.

He became interested in Gigapan technology a couple of years ago and joined, where he's uploaded over sixty gigapanoramics up to date, from Venezuela as well as Miami (Fla)and the State of Pensylvania (US) and Dominican Republic.

His favourite tool for capturing gigapixel images is a Nikon D5000 coupled with a Gigapan Epic Pro mount, lenses18-55, 55-300 rokinor aspheric and a Manfrotto tripod.

Read more about his profile at and if you wish to contact Aureliano by email you can do so at aureliofernan[at]


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