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The following list of free mobile phone apps will surely come handy at the time of traveling around, whether you carry an iPod, iPhone or Android.

The vast majority of them are free download, while some others will cost you in the range of $1 to $6 each. We figure that wouldn't break your bank account if you choose to buy them, that's the reason we've included them here.

Naturally, it's up to you to evaluate the cost-benefit relationship associated with your purchase.

Note: We are in no way associated, or perceiving any benefit from it. We only aim at providing you with some free mobile apps, or low-cost, that will surely enhance your travel experience, in South America or the world as a whole.

To put some order in the listing, we'll go from the "general", all-purpose travel apps to the "particular" ones, that is, the existing South America travel apps.

This kind of technology is not widespread in the continent yet, not if we compare it with Europe or US for instance, however, it seems to be moving at an accelerating pace.

At the time of this writing, Brazil seems to be the most advanced country in South America in this regard, so you will also find a number of free mobile apps to enjoy your Brazil vacations in the best possible way.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you've come across to other countries in the continent providing travel apps at this time. We'll gladly include them here.

Free Mobile Phone Apps

Argentina Free Mobile Phone Apps

Brazil Free Mobile Phone Apps

Chile Free Mobile Phone Apps

Colombia Free Mobile Phone Apps

Peru Free Mobile Phone Apps

Venezuela Free Mobile Phone Apps

And that's all about it for now, we'll be adding more free mobile phone apps as we find them, and relying on your recommendations as well, particularly the ones you have find extremely useful in your travels. Just drop us a line, would you?

Thanks in advance. Cheers!..


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