Fotos de Abraao..
Saudades da Ilha Grande

With Abraao Postcards we complete a little photo reportage we've started with Vila do Abraao - main settlement - or capital of Ilha Grande, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Super friendly, safe and tranquil, it's the kind of place I could stay forever.

No shoes required, you could go bare footed all day long or use a pair of flip flops if you are more comfortable with. This tropical village has only a few dirt roads, being Rua da Praia, Buganville and the church road its main "avenues", if I can put it this way.

No car traffic either. Apart from the garbage truck and a couple of official vehicles nothing would disturb or polute this peaceful jungle-like environment. A bicycle or a boat are the only means of transportation.
Besides, being so close to Rio, it provides a breath of fresh air from the bustling activity of the cidade maravilhosa.

Enjoy it as much as you can and feel free to contribute with your own pics, we'll be more than happy to publish them. Just make sure you are the copyright owner. Images will be resized to 700x526 pxls.

Abraao Postcards:

Another stressful day to deal with. Abraao, Ilha Grande
Another stressful day to deal with - © Daniel Moore

Ferry arrival at 5pm. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
5pm ferry arrival- © Daniel Moore

Kinda choppy today. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Kinda choppy today - © Daniel Moore

Church girls on Saturaday evening. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Church girls on Saturady evening - © Daniel Moore

Awaiting dinner. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Awaiting dinner - © Daniel Moore

Flippers anyone? Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Flippers anyone? - © Daniel Moore

Buganville road is awakening. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Buganville road is awakening - © Daniel Moore

Here it comes once again. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Here it comes once again - © Daniel Moore

On Rua da Praia and Buganville. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
On Rua da Praia and Buganville - © Daniel Moore

Carreteiros. Abraao, Ilha Grande.
Carreteiros - © Daniel Moore

Early evening at Abraao. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Early evening at Abraao - © Daniel Moore

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