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With "only" 3,000 hours of sun a year

Fortaleza. Ingleses Bridge
Ingleses Bridge - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

The problem with Fortaleza, Brazil - and of all Ceará State for that matter - is that it doesn't have one beach.

The entire state's coastline is dedicated to it!

More than seventy beaches spread over 500 km of soft white sand dotted with palm trees and bathed by blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

How does that grab you?
If unsure, catch the next flight and find it out by yourself - please plan for at least two weeks.

Just don't forget that you have to come back home at some point!..

Your best bet is to make base in the city and explore it both ways, but make sure you stick around long enough to prospect the city itself as well.

Fortaleza means "fortress".
The first Portuguese settlers arrived in 1603 and were defeated by the Indians - who killed and ate the first bishop - and then by the Dutch, who drove them out of the area and built fortress Schoonenborch.

Later, well into 18th. century, the Portuguese came back and built another fort in 1816, on the site of the Dutch one. It's called Nossa Senhora da Assunção.
Today it's a modern city with over two million inhabitants, but still keeps signs from the past in churches, museums, theaters, fortresses and historic buildings.

Some of Fortaleza's main attractions include...

  • Nossa Senhora da Assunção Fortress
  • Sagrao Coração de Jesus Church
  • Rosario Church
  • Beira-Mar Market
  • Central Market
  • Pinhões Market
  • Luz Palace
  • Ingleses Bridge
  • Ceará Museum
  • Maracatu Museum
  • José de Alencar Theater
  • Centro Cultural Dragao de Mar (Sea Dragon Cultural Center)
  • New Statue of Iracema

Apart from being the capital of Ceará State, it's also the capital of Forró - a rhythm created by local fishermen. An energetic dance reminiscent of the "lambada".

It's one of the liveliest cities in the world, with a penchant for fun and the charm of Brazilian people written all over it.

Here, the party never ends...
Monday night is dedicated to Pirata (Pirate), the most famous dancing house around - open only Mondays.

Tuesdays instead are for Arre Egua, bar and disco lounge mix. And the list goes on.

Thursdays are "crabmeat" night at Futuro beach, and night open air party that follows.
Over the week-end you'll be busy with other places, but don't forget to be at the Pirata next Monday, of course.

Fortaleza's biggest annual event is called Fortal, a carnival out-of-season celebration beginning on Thursday of the last week of July.

Life is a Beach

In and around Fortaleza you are not short of options by any means. To introduce you to some of the most popular, have a look at this amazing 3D photo gallery (you can go full screen as well) to appreciate them better...

How did you like it?.... we find it awsome!..a complete difference experience from traditional photo galleries. Please let us know what do you think and if you'd like to see more of them throughout the site. Thanks in advance!

The list of urban beaches include...

Moving around a bit...

  • Icaraí
  • Iguape beach
  • Fontes beach (and the Mãe D'Agua grotto)
  • Lagoa da Banana (Banana lagoon)
  • Porto das Dunas

And definitely, you wouldn't want to miss...

Canoa Quebrada:
Back in the 70s, it was home of a new generation of adventurers seeking an alternative lifestyle. A hippie enclave in its own right. It's provably the most popular beach in the Cearence coast.

Jericoacoara or Jeri:
In 1984 it was declared Environmental Protection Area by Federal law and a National Park in 2002. A fishing village that until fifteen years ago didn't have contact with modern civilization. You won't find luxury here...only the most extraordinary beauty...

How to Get There:

By Air:
Pinto Martins International Airport is Fortaleza's main gateway. Please visit Airports in Brazil for more info on this.

By Road:

Where to Stay:

You have many options to choose from, find and compare the best hotel rates in the city as well as in Jericoacoara.
If looking for low-priced options, Book budget accommodation in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara.

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