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Florianopolis. Night view
Night view - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

Florianopolis or Floripa, as commonly known, is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Brazil.

Capital of the State of Santa Catarina, the city is located on the west coast of Ilha Santa Catarina and linked to mainland by Hercilio Luz bridge - longest suspension bridge in the country.

The island is lined with stunning beaches - more than 42 of them - drawing vacationers from across South America, as well as a growing number of international visitors every summer.

In fact, it triples its population during summer month - December to March - being the preferred destination for Argentinians, Chileans and Uruguayans.

You will find the most varied type of beaches: those with strong waves and the ones with calm sea. Some civilized, some deserted with access by trail only, like Naufragados. Some small, others large like Praia Moçambique.

Among the top Florianopolis beaches we find...

  • Campeche
  • Armaçao
  • Riberão da Ilha
  • Matadeiro
  • Naufragados
  • Lagoa da Conceiçao
  • Mole
  • Galheta
  • Joaquina
  • Daniela
  • Barra da Lagoa
  • Canasvieiras
  • Cachoeira do Bom Jesus
  • Jurere
  • Praia dos Ingleses

And if you love water sports, you couldn't find a better place for your Brazil holidays...

  • sailing
  • paragliding
  • hang-gliding
  • kite surfing
  • wind surfing
  • surfing

If diving and snorkeling is your passion, head off to Bombas and Bombinhas, some 60km north of Floripa. It's considered to be the capital of ecological diving in Brazil, particularly at Reserva do Arvoredo.

Apart from the charm and friendliness that characterizes Brazilian people, Floripa has a rich and varied cuisine, with abundance of lobsters, prawns and oysters. Please don't forget to try secuencia de camarão (the sequence of shrimp). It consists of a number of different shrimp dishes served one after the other: casquinha de siri (baked crabmeat), steamed shrimp, breaded shrimp, garlic shrimp and fish fillet with shrimp sauce.


Florianopolis. Armacao do Pantano Beach
Florianopolis: Armaçao do Pantano do Sul Beach - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

The State of Santa Catarina is considered the most European State in Brazil.
In the early 19th. century many Germans and Swiss arrived, followed by Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and Japanese nationals.
In fact, nowhere the German influence is so evident than in the State's two largest cities: Blumenau and Joinville.

Bavarian-looking city - Blumeanu was founded in 1850 by Otto Blumenau - where you could almost forget that you are in South America. It has a German architectural flavor, German cuisine, pastries, beer gardens, etc.
Joinville, the largest city in the State, was also founded by German immigrants. It was named after François Ferdinand Philippe de Joinville.

Florianapolis beaches will take your breath away. If you love beach parties, dancing and plenty of nightlife, don't leave out Jurere, Ingleses and Canasvieiras.

Have a superb Brazil holidays!...and let us know your opinion about it.

How to Get There:

By air:
Through Hercilio Luz International Airport, around 12 km away from city center.
Please visit airports in Brazil for more info on this.
By road:
From Curitiba: BR-376 and BR-101
From Porto Alegre: BR-460
At Rita Maria bus station you could also take international buses to Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Asunción (Paraguay).

Where to Stay:

Florianopolis has countless hotels, hostels, lodges, pousadas and apartments for rent, including several camping sites throughout Santa Catarina island.

Find the best hotel rates in Floranopolis.

Looking for budget accommodation instead?... Book hostels here.

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