Florianopolis Beaches:
Barra da Lagoa

Barra da Lagoa. Florianopolis, Brazil
Florianopolis Beaches: Barra da Lagoa - © Daniel Moore

I loved the time I've spent at Barra da Lagoa, one of my favorite Florianopolis beaches I've had the chance to visit.

It took me over 48 hours to reach it, after getting stranded for eight hours at Dublin airport and another twenty eight at Paris's Charles de Gaulle due to snow and flight cancellations, but to be back in Rio once again was a delightful experience as usual.

From there, a short flight of about 1.5 hours took me to Hercilio Luz Intl. Airport, just outside Floripa.

Of all Florianópolis beaches, Barra da Lagoa is one of the Brazil attractions you shouldn't leave out in your South America travel experience.

Granted, the number of Brazil beaches reach the thousands so is a tough desition to make, but if you are in Southern Brazil, head off to Floripa at Ilha de Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina island) without hesitation and you'll soon understand why.
Barra da Lagoa is awaiting you together with forty two other lovely Florianopolis beaches to choose from.

See the map of Santa Catarina Island.

Barra da Lagoa is simply a magical place.
A cute little fishing village located some 20km to the East of Florianópolis, on the road to Lagoa da Conceição, characterized by its tranquil ambience and the typical Brazilian friendliness and hospitality.

There isn't much of a nightlife as you'd find in other Florianópolis beaches in the North of the island such as Jurere, Canasvieiras and Praia dos Ingleses for instance. At Barra da Lagoa travellers bring their own drinks and music, light a fire and gather at the beach (Prainha do Leste, usually) until the early morning hours.

The closest place for a more active and diverse nightlife is located 15 minutes away, at Lagoa da Conceição.

Prainha do Leste. Barra da Lagoa, Florianopolis
Florianopolis Beaches: Prainha do Leste - © Daniel Moore

Prainha is a beautiful little beach surrounded by a couple of hostels, a restaurant and a few private properties, only a few minutes walk from town by crossing the ponte pênsil blue bridge over the canal da Barra da Lagoa and following a small trek.

The canal at Barra da Lagoa splits the town in two, connecting Lagoa da Conceição with the Atlantic ocean. I used to spend lots of time there, watching fishermen going out for their daily catch as well as visitors engaged in kayaking, swimming and snorkeling.

It was only recently - in the early 90s - that Barra da Lagoa was officially recognized and placed on the top list of Florianópolis beaches, quickly gained international recognition. Today receives visitors from all over the world during summer month - December through March.

Canal da Barra da Lagoa. Florianopolis, Brazil
Florianopolis beaches: Canal da Barra da Lagoa - © Daniel Moore

The beach at Barra da Lagoa is not long - only 6 or 700 meters - connected to the North with Moçambique beach (about 8 km long) but its shallow waters and fine sandy bottom makes it a very safe place if you want to learn the ropes of surfing.

In fact, there is a surf school right on the beach to get you started. If you are experienced, or a pro already, you'd prefer Mole and Joaquina beaches instead.

There are also some Florianópolis beaches where international surfing competitions are being held, such as Praia da Silveira, Praia Rosa and Imbituba (Garopaba).
Other surfing spots in Santa Catarina island are Santinho, Praia Brava, Morro das Pedras and Matadeiro beaches.

I could get going on and on. Barra da Lagoa is one of those places in Brazil where I could stay forever.
To give you a better insight , let's see some images that would help you to capture the spirit of the place: Photos of Brazil: Barra da Lagoa.

If you've been exploring Barra da Lagoa, or other Florianópolis beaches for that matter, take a minute and share your own experiences.

How to Get There:

You will land at Hercilio Luz Intl. Airport, about 15 minutes driving from downtown Floripa.
Please visit airports in Brazil for more info on this.

If coming by bus from other Brazilian cities or neighboring countries, Rita Maria is the international bus terminal, located in the city itself. Right in front of it is the local buses terminal (CENTRO TICEN) that will take you anywhere in the island with a single fare. Floripa has an integrated transport system.

Transol bus company goes to Barra da Lagoa (in about 45 minutes), with a transfer or stopover at Lagoa da Conceição.

Where to Stay:

Even though small in size, Barra da Lagoa has plenty of accommodation options: pousadas, apartments, hotels and several hostels as well.
If you're on a budget and want to meet up and share experiences with other travellers, hostels are your best bet. Book hostels in Floripa.

Alternatively, find and compare best hotel rates here.

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