Flags of South America...
Maps, capital cities, facts and more

Let's review the flags of South America.
South America is politically divided into twelve sovereign states plus the overseas administration of French Guiana.
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The following list of flags includes as well the official name, capital city and map for each and everyone of all South American countries. If you'd like to know more about all capital cities, please visit Capitals of South America.

Argentina flag

Flag of Argentina. Argentina Map
Official Name: Republic of Argentina
Capital: Buenos Aires
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Bolivia flag

Flag of Boliva. Bolivia Map
Official Name: Plurinational State of Bolivia
Capital: La Paz (administrative), Sucre (legislative)
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Brazil flag

Flag of Brazil. Brazil Map
Official Name: Federative Republic of Brazil
Capital: Brasilia
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Chile flag

Flag of Chile. Chile Map
Official Name: Republic of Chile
Capital: Santiago de Chile
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Colombia flag

Flag of Colombia. Colombia Map
Official Name: Republic of Colombia
Capital: Bogota
Colombia Facts

Ecuador flag

Flag of Ecuador. Ecuador Map
Official Name: Republic of Ecuador
Capital: Quito
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French Guiana  flag

Flag of French Guiana. Map of French Guiana
Official Name: Guyane
Capital: Cayenne

Guyana flag

Flag of Guyana. Map of Guyana
Official Name: Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Capital: Georgetown

Paraguay flag

Flag of Paraguay. Paraguay Map
Official Name: Republic of Paraguay
Capital: Asunción Red more Paraguay Facts

Peru flag

Flag of Peru. Peru Map
Official Name: Republic of Peru
Capital: Lima
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Surinam flag

Flag of Suriname. Map of Suriname
Official Name: Republic of Suriname
Capital: Paramaribo

Uruguay flag

Flag of Uruguay. Uruguay Map
Official Name: Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Capital: Montevideo
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Venezuela flag

Flag of Venezuela. Venezuela Map
Official Name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Capital: Caracas
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