Ferdinand Magellan...
And the world was finally round

Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) was the first explorer to lead an expedition sailing westward from Europe to Asia and to cross the Pacific ocean- he actually named it Pacific.

Magellan attempted to find a westward route to the Spice islands of Indonesia (Moluccas islands).
He was the first to circumnavigate the world and even though he couldn't complete the journey - died in Philippines - he is acknowledged as such.

The impact of his journey was in providing the first positive proof that the world was round and that opened up trade routes to explorers all over the world.

He was also the first European to reach Tierra del Fuego, in Patagonia, the southern tip of the American Continent, and to discover the passage that join the two oceans.

He set sail from Spain in 1519 in command of an expedition composed by five ships...

  • the Santiago
  • the San Antonio
  • the Conception
  • the Trinidad
  • the Victoria
 Ferdinand Magellan route
Ferdinand Magellan route

The total number of crew members was 270. Only 18 returned back to Spain under the captainship of Sebastian Elcano, after completing the world's first circumnavigation.

According to legend, in 1520, when he finally discovered the channel between the two oceans, he saw big man made fires on the southern shore of the strait.

That marked the discovery and name of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

The archipelago of Tierra del Fuego is separated from South America's mainland by the Strait of Magellan.

It is formed by Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and a group of smaller islands. Its capital is Ushuaia.

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Apart from the incredible contribution he made to the world, Magellan also provided us with a unique South America travel experience...

To learn more about the fantastic journey of Ferdinand Magellan, have a look at this video documentary regarding his voyage of discovery...

How to Get to Ushuaia:

By Air:

Argentina Map
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There are direct flights from Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas / Austral)to Ushuaia.
You could also get a flight connexion in El Calafate, main gateway to Glaciers National Park.

To/from Chile you can fly with Aerovias DAP that service Punta Arenas-Ushuaia on a Twin Otters 20-passenger three times a week in high season. It costs around US$100.00

By Bus:

It's a two-leg trip for a total of 3,220 km (one way)...

There is not direct service between El Calafate and Ushuaia. Nevertheless, you have two options...

Where to Stay:

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For the independent/solo traveller, budger accommodation (hostels) is the best way to go.
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