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Feiticeira (Portuguese for "sorceress" or "enchantress") beach is another of the nearly one hundred beaches scattered around Ilha Grande. A bit smaller in size than Abraaozinho, Feiticeira is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by jungle everywhere, the ideal place to spend a few hours snorkeling or simply relaxing by the shore.

It is part of the few beaches you'll discover by speed boat, if you choose to do half of the island excursion departing every morning from Abraao village. The full island circumnavigation is not always possible due to windy conditions that affect the South part for weeks at the time, however, it's truly recommended if you are lucky enough to find the right weather. It takes a full day to do it.

But Feiticeira is not only famous for its beach, but the waterfall located nearby. Cachoeira da Feiticeira is a 15m-high (49-ft) waterfall that you can reach by an easy hiking of 1 1/2 hr. It's provably the most visited in the whole island.

Departing from the village, take Trilha 1, Circuito de Abraao - Abraao Trail. You will come across Praia Preta, Lazareto and Aqueduto successively, before seing the sign pointing to the cascade.

Other beaches you are likely to visit on your half a day tour include Freguesía de Santana, Aripeba, Saco de Céu (marvelous cove where buccaneers used to hide in the past to ambush gold-loaded vessels doing the journey from Paraty to Rio before crossing over to Lisbon), Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul (ideal for snorkeling) and several others.

Feiticeira Beach:

Feiticeira beach on a quiet day. Ilha Grande. Brazil
Feiticeira on a quiet day - © Daniel Moore

Snorkeling in shallow waters.  Ilha Grande. Brazil
Snorkelling in shallow waters - © Daniel Moore

View of Feiticeira beach. Ilha Grande. Brazil
View of Feiticeira beach - © Daniel Moore

Strolling along the beach. Ilha Grande. Brazil
Strolling along the beach - © Daniel Moore

Feiticeira by the jungle. Ilha Grande. Brazil
Feiticeira by the jungle - © Daniel Moore

Boarding to Abraao. Ilha Grande. Brazil
Boarding to Abraao - © Daniel Moore

Local fishing boat. Ilha Grande. Brazil
Local fishing boat - © Daniel Moore

The calm waters of Feiticeira beach. Ilha Grande. Brazil
The calm waters of Feiticeira beach - © Daniel Moore

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