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Biggest carnival celebration in Argentina

Argentina Travel: Entre Rios Province, El Palmar National Park
Entre Rios Province: El Palmar National Park - © Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

Entre Rios province is part of Argentina's Mesopotamia (mesopotamia comes from Greek language and means "land between two rivers"), together with Corrientes and Misiones provinces.

The rivers are Parana and Uruguay.

It has two climates: the sub-tropical north with marshes, lagoons and forests, and the warm, fertile lands of the south, that fades away in the Pampas grasslands towards Santa Fe and Buenos Aires provinces.

Entre Rios gives you many outdoor living possibilities and options for sports...

  • horseback riding
  • mountain bike rides
  • photographic safaris
  • water skiing
  • sailing
  • windsurfing
  • fishing (coastal and embarking)

It's provably best known - both nationally and internationally - for its Dorado fishing, also named the tiger of the waters, for the battle that presents once hooked. It can reach up to 45 kg. of weight.

La Paz, where Parana river forms an inner delta with sandbanks, streams, rapids and lagoons, is the best fishing spot for Dorado, Surubi and Pacu.

Argentina Travel: Entre Rios Province, San Jose Palace
Entre Rios Province, San Jose Palace - © Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

On the banks of Parana river, the name that comes from Guaraní language and means "father of the waters", is located the city of Parana, capital of the province.
Just a walk along Costanera Ave. justifies a visit to the city.

It has a rich historical, architectural and cultural patrimony...

Please don't miss Urquiza Park and the German colonies. Piedras Blancas is ideal for adventure tourism.
Just outside of the city of Concepción del Uruguay is located the famous San Jose palace, former residence of Justo Jose de Urquiza, a prominent figure in Argentina's history.

Close to the city of Concordia, on the banks of Uruguay river, you will find El Palmar national park.
Takes its name for the profusion of Yatay palm trees, a variety that grows up to 18 meters in height and 40 cm. in diameter.

It's the southernmost palmar in the world.

The city of Gualeguaychu, in the south of the province, is most famous for its carnival celebration.
Takes place every year, on the week-ends of mid and late summer, and is considered to be among the best in the world, next to Brazil's Rio de Janeiro.

Argentina Travel: Entre Rios Province, Gualeguaychu Carnival
Entre Rios Province, Gualeguaychu Carnival - © Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

It's an impressive stage where thousands of people with feathered and colorful dresses and suits, vibrate with the comparsas.
The corsos (or schools), competing with each other, search for the first place at the rhythm of the murgas (bands of street musicians).
They would work and practice throughout the whole year for this fantastic spectacle.

So if you find yourself in Argentina by summertime - December to March - this is a must-do destination.

You will be captivated by it...

How to Get There:

From Buenos Aires's Aeroparque to General Urquiza Airport.
If driving, take Highway 9 to Rosario city and then National Route 173, through Hernandarias subfluvial tunnel.

Where to Stay:

Find and compare best hotel rates in Gualeguaychu and Parana city.

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