Easter Island Photo Gallery...
A journey to the moai world

 Easter Island, Chile:  Rano Raraku volcano.
Rano Raraku volcano - © Daniel Moore

Easter Island Photo Gallery is made of personal experiences throughout four magic weeks we've spent in 1978 in this spectacular little island lost in the South Pacific.

From exploring the island on horseback guided by locals to spearing lobsters for lunch - or buying fresh tuna steaks from the local fishermen - that was an incredible immersion in Rapa Nui culture.

Songs, native dances and the friendliness of the local Pascuenses made this journey one of the greatest experiences we've ever had in South America.

Rapa Nui or Te Pito O Te Henua - the navel of the world - is the most isolated inhabited island in the world, some 3,600 km to the west of Chile, right in front of the coast of Valparaiso.

What makes Rapa Nui or Easter Island so unique doesn't come from its remoteness and isolation, even though it may have contributed to it, but the mysterious and fascinating stone figures (moais) carved out of volcanic ash by the Rapa Nui culture many, many centuries ago.

The following images will introduce you to this incredible open-air archaeological museum as well as to some frozen moments in the life of its inhabitants, that we will see in the Easter Island Photo Gallery Part II, dedicated to Rapa Nui culture.

However, this photo-reportage is far from being complete or exhaustive, as many images were unfortunately lost in many travels or damaged beyond repair. Some others never came back from magazine's publications - I've learnt the hard way not to submit originals again.

Let's have a look now at the Easter Island Photo Gallery and we'll meet again at the end of it...

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