Easter Island Photo Gallery Part Two...
Dedicated to the Rapa Nui people

Rapa Nui Woman. Easter Island, Chile
Rapa Nui Woman at Mataveri Airport - Easter Island © Daniel Moore

Easter Island Photo Gallery Part Two is all about the Rapa Nui culture and its inhabitants, in the legendary Easter Island, Chile.

Frozen instants in the daily lives of the Rapa Nui people as we saw it and experienced it back in 1978.

We spent four magnificent weeks living with a local family. We got to know their own family, friends and their customs as well.

They even taught us how to cook fish on the traditional way, over pre-heated stones.

We were part of family celebrations with native songs and dancing, away from the tourist circuit.

Please do excuse us for the lower quality of some images shown here. We are including them not because of their photographic value per se, but as a true historic document about Easter Island more than thirty years ago. Unfortunately, many of our Color, Infrared and B&W images captured in the island were lost or stolen.

You are more than welcome to help us enlarge Easter Island Photo Gallery Part Two with your own contribution, whether a picture, a story, or both.

We will publish them all and rest assured your copyright is going to be respected and mentioned. Furthermore, you will have your own page to refer to family and friends apart from being part of the gallery itself.

Easter Island Photo Gallery Part Two:

How To Get There:

Lan Chile flies from Santiago, Chile, three times a week, on its way to Papeete (French Polynesia). The flight takes around five hours to Mataveri airport, located just outside the village of Hanga Roa. Find more info at Airports in Chile.

Where To Stay:

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