Corrientes Province...
Fishing Paradise in Argentina's Mesopotamia

Barrancas del Empedrado
Barrancas del Empedrado - © Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

Corrientes province is part of Argentina's mesopotamia (mesopotamia comes from Greek and means "land between two rivers"), together with Entre Rios and Misiones provinces.
The rivers are Parana and Uruguay.

Corrientes is full of outdoor and adventure options...

Fishing attracts visitor from all over the world. Manguruyu (100 kg.), Surubi (60 kg.), and specially Dorado (35), one of the meanest, hardest-hitting fish on the planet. A voracious, big time fighter also known as the tiger of rivers for the battle that presents once hooked...

Ibera Marshlands (Esteros del Ibera) is a must-do destination. The name comes from Guarani language and means shining or sparkling water.
Ibera natural Reserve covers an area of 5,000 square miles or 1.400.000 has., more than twice the size of Everglades national park in Florida, USA. A complex ecosystem of marshes, ponds, lagoons and wetlands, one of the most important water reserves in the continent. It shelters four animal species considered to be the province's natural monuments...

Corrientes province. Yacare or Caiman
Yacare or Caiman - © Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

It's also home of the carpincho or capybara, the largest living rodent. It can reach up to 45 kg. of weight and is an expert swimmer and diver.
Two varieties of alligators: yacare caiman and broad-snouted caiman, caraya monkeys, yellow anacondas and 350 bird species also inhabit the marshes.

It's one of the most important wildlife heavens in the world.

Corrientes province is full of Guarani traditions (Spanish and Guarani are official languages). Its capital bears the same name and lies on the shores of Parana river, that presents a myriad of islands covered by vegetation and exuberant fauna.

Also famous for its unique "embalsados", massive carpet of floating vegetation in the bodies of open water.

The city has a rich architectonic patrimony ...

  • Church and Convent of Saint Francis
  • Church of La Merced
  • Juan de Vera Theatre
  • Cross of Miracles Park
  • The Historical Colonial Museum and Fine Arts Museum

Corientes province will take your breath away and will give you another reason to remain in Argentina until you visit it all...

Corrientes Province.  Ibera Marshlands
Corrientes Province: Ibera Marshlands - ©Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

How to Get There:

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a short flight to Gobernador Piragine Niveyro Airport.
By car through National Routes 11 and 12.

You could also opt for an overnight bus from Buenos Aires's Retiro Bus Station.

Where to Stay:

Find and compare best hotel rates in the city of Corrientes.

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