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With comment feedback we want to share with you what comes our way on a daily basis, from the vast and varied range of visitors that arrive both from English and Spanish speaking countries. As you know, this a bilingual website that can be independently navigated in one or the other.

Before anything else, we need to thank them all, they have placed us where we are now.

Beyond our traditional contact us form where visitors can place questions, give kudos or complains in equal measure - and our Facebook page - we implemented something else. Four month ago we set up a random survey that would unexpectedly open to visitors while browsing the site and asking them to answer a set of simple questions, with no obligation of course.

This comment feedback form is very important to us, it give us the opportunity to know if their visit it's been worthy, a disaster or somewhere in between. We can also understand the reason/s of their visit and - fundamentally - if they have found what they were looking for.

What follows is a selection of comment feedback of the full spectrum: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Diversity of opinion is one of the nicest things we share as human beings. To some of us, the glass is half-full, to others, is half-empty instead. There is also a group who can't even see the glass in the first place.

We will not publish the contact info, not even the IP address of the senders. By doing so we would be violating their privacy and also making them potential victims of spambots and other forms of Internet scam that unfortunately populate the Web.

So let's open the door to diversity. Have fun!...

The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly:

That's all for now. We hope you've enjoyed the full extent of diversity.

Reasons why our "Good" section is (fortunately) more populated is because the great majority of all comment feedback we receive comes from there. In fact, our overall satisfaction rate across both languages is 80% at present time.

We can only thank you for that.

So don't be shy, feel encouraged and free to give us your own comment feedback as well.

If you could, please don't join the "ugly" club!...give us some constructive criticism instead!

All the best!..


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