At the core of Afro-Peruvian culture

Chincha party. Chincha, Peru
Chincha Party. Chincha, Peru - © Daniel Moore

Chincha is a place we love dearly. Located some 200 km. south of Lima, it's the heart of Peru Negro (Black Peru).

Most of the Black population are descendants of slaves brought in Colonial times to work in the sugarcane plantations. Their emancipation took place in 1854.

They provably are the warmest and most hospitable people we've ever came across travelling the country.

For centuries, they have kept their traditions, customs, music and dances. Some of their most typical dances include...

As for their musical instruments, we find...

  • cajón (polished wooden box on which the musician also seats)
  • guapeo (clay pot)
  • quijada (made of the jawbone of a donkey)
  • campana (cowbell)
  • congas, bongos, bass
  • little violin
  • guitar

So if you happen to be in Peru, particularly at the end of February, head off to Chincha and be part of the Verano Negro Festival, a celebration of Black culture.

You will also have the chance to taste Peru's finest Pisco (grape brandy). The area has also some interesting archaeological sites for you to visit, as well as the fantastic hacienda San Jose (San Jose plantation), a 17th. century manor located in El Carmen district - some 15 km. from town.

Now converted into a semi-luxurious hotel, San Jose began as a sugarcane plantation in 1688, with 87 slaves, and barely escaped from being taken by the government during the Peruvian agrarian reform. It's the only one that has survived in the valley. You can book your stay by phone: 034 221 458 or e-mail:

We stayed there for a few days as we were shooting a video clip and some stills for a Peruvian singer.
The magnificent settings of the hacienda itself plus the surrounding area - full of the black charm of Afro-Peruvian culture - provided the ideal location and atmosphere to the production.

The following images are just a small introduction to the beauty and charm you will find when you make it to Chincha.

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