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Discover why Chile tourism is one of South America's best kept secrets. It will surpass your expectations...

 Flamingoes Partying
Flamingoes Partying by Pedro Szekely . CC BY-SA 2.0
Chile has just about everything one can ask for...

Osorno Volcano. Chile

Whether we travel in pursuit of the spiritual reward that comes from contemplating nature or choose a more intense approach as to be actively involved with it, or both, Chile travel is the answer.

And if nature doesn't put us in communion with our inner are we going to achieve it?

To me, contemplation has the faculty to bring perspective to the relationship I nurture with Universe.

It brings harmony to my life. And beauty. And love.

So give yourself a treat and experience Chile tourism because you won't be disappointed. That much we can promise.

We were barely sixteen when we did our first trip to the land of Araucanians, Mapuches and Aymaras. Several other followed throughout the years...and more to come.

Remember specially well the one we did back in 1978 when we visited Robinson Crusoe island and then another trip to the fabulous Easter Island. This is a TOP Chile tourism destination for archaeology lovers!

Guess we photographed every single moai that came into our sight, even the ones still attached to the mother rock at Rano Raraku in different stages of construction. Discovered Easter Island (Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua) on foot as well as horseback, sleeping in caves when night came upon me too far from Hanga Roa, the village I was staying at.

We speared lobsters and swam in the waters of Anakena beach, while watching a group of archaeologists doing restoration work in the ahu of Anakena.

Chile Facts

chile flag

Capital: Santiago de Chile
Language: Spanish, Mapudungun (Mapuche), Rapanui, German, English.
Population: 15,665,216
Area: 756,950 / 292,257
Currency: Peso Chileno
Exchange Rate: (F465.44 per dollar. February 2008)
Religion: Roman Catholic
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Chile's Top Destinations

 Atacama Desert. Chile.
Atacama Desert.- ©Lorenzo Moscia/T. P. C.. of Chile

By entering Chile through the northern border with Peru, Argentina or Bolivia, you'll come across to the driest region in the country.

We've got fascinated at the sight of Atacama desert, considered to be driest on earth together with Namib desert in Africa.
Furthermore, in some areas there is no record of rain, ever.

So you wouldn't forget your water bottle, would you?

And talking about desert, here is a quick list to help you to identify when you're at it, or just approaching it...

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Jokes apart, please visit Valley of the Moon, Tatio Geysers and the village of San Pedro de Atacama while in the area. Literally, your hottest Chile adventure travel experience. Not far from there, Antofagasta has the open cast cooper mine of Chuqicamata, so old that has been operational since pre-Hispanic times.

Heading south, the port city of Coquimbo and the beaches of La Serena particularly, are part of your Chile tourism experience. With colonial architecture and Miami style condos, La Serena is a top summer retreat, famous as well for its production of Pisco (grape brandy), a favorite drink among Chileans.

Chiles's central region encompass Viña del Mar and the port city of Valparaíso to the north and Bio Bio river to the south. It's the most fertile, dynamic and populated area of Chile, with Santiago - its capital - as the main city and international gateway.

Chile Map

Download Chile Map
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There is a huge spectrum of things to do and places to visit, from the ski resorts of Portillo and Farellones to the wine region of Colchagua valley - part of Chile's Central valley - where famous Concha y Toro wine is produced.
Visit Isla Negra - the house/museum of Pablo Neruda - Chile's foremost poet and Nobel Prize awarded.

The Araucania and Lakes region to the south is provably the most visited, with its dense forests, emerald-green lakes and volcanoes, such as Osorno,Tronador and Villarica.

There are three national parks you wouldn't want to leave out while visiting the region:

And you'll love Puerto Montt, for different reasons:

The Isla Grande of Chiloe remains pretty much an unknown destination for main stream tourism, but conforms one of the most interesting cultures in South America. For the most adventurous, the Chilean Patagonia is full of surprises and beauty. Forests, lakes, glaciers, name it.

You will want to visit Torres del Paine National Park, the undispituable Queen of Chilean Patagonia, not far from Puerto Natales. It's a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

 Dientes de Navarino. Chile
Dientes de Navarino by Dimitry B. - CC BY 2.0

Before you go we'd like to invite you to visit some stunning photo galleries that will certainly give you a visual dimension about this fantastic country...

Where to Stay:

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