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If you want to travel long and nice, budget hostel accommodation is the way to go. We have been lodging in hostels for as long as I can remember, last time being August 2012 in Amsterdam and Fortaleza (Brazil) as we were doing a reportage on the Brazilian Northeast.

At Vila do Abraão (Ilha Grande) I was in a jungle-like environment, beautifully looked after by Wanda and Josefina who run Pousada Paloma.
I was woken up by birds and each breakfast was full of mango, papaw and abacaxi among other delicacies.

In Paraty (Costa Verde), the Historic Center Hostel provided me with all I needed, right in the core of this lovely XVII century Portuguese settlement.
What else could you ask for?...I'm very happy with that if you ask me!

Whether in Australia, Europe or South America, budget hostel accommodation it's been part of my travel experience for more than thirty years now, for different reasons beyond cheap accommodation.

Cachoeira Pedra Branca. Paraty, Brazil
Paraty. Brazil.

In some cases, a hostel was the only option when finding myself in the middle of nowhere such as the Daintree rainforest at Cape Tribulation (Far North Queensland, Australia) in 1987.

Or the one I stayed on and off for several month in Port Douglas (60 km to the North of Cairns) while doing a photo reportage on prawn trolling along the Great Barrier Reef.

Lodging options were bigger there but the atmosphere of this place was unparalleled, irreplaceable at the time to meet international travelers and to organize 4x4 trips to Cape York Peninsula, one of the most wild and beautiful places I've ever visited.

The next meeting point was the local pub back then.

Budget hostel accommodation carries much more than dorms or cheap accommodation to crash overnight, because you can always book a private room at an affordable price if you wish to do so.

Unlike regular hotels, hostels bring together a myriad of travelers from all corners of the world, joined by a common interest. The ideal place to breathe, learn, share and experience travel, irrelevant of the country they happen to be at or heading off to.

South America is full of options for the independent traveler as well, that's the reason we have partnered with HostelBookers, leading worldwide provider of budget accommodation, whether you're traveling on your own or with a group of friends.

To pave the way to a unique South America travel experience of your own, the following list will introduce you to budget hostel accommodation - country by country - for you to choose the city and hostel that triggers your imagination the most.

And when you find it, you're better off in booking your stay straight away, because during high season (December to March) - particularly - you may have to settle for the second best or whatever else is available at the time.

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You are pretty much covered in terms of budget hostel accommodation in South America by now.
If you'd like to book a hostel somewhere else, find budget accommodation anywhere else in the world.

Have a great South America vacation and don't forget to share your travel experiences when you come back!

If you have a question or need to get in touch with us, just send us a message and we'll get back to you within eight hours or so.

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