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The place where we can all participate and enjoy your adventures, look at your pictures and discover what has made of your Brazil travel experience an unforgettable one.
All your experiences fit in here...well, we don't want to get too private so to speak. Just share all you are comfortable with.

Whether it was a memorable jungle trek in the Amazon rainforest, exploring the Amazon river on a dug out canoe or on a boat reminiscent of the "rubber boom" era of Iquitos and Manaus....we'd love to hear about it!...

Perhaps you've got impressed by the fantastic carnival celebration in Rio, Recife or Salvador, or the beauty of its superb beaches.

Brazil. Salvador da Bahia
Brazil. Salvador da Bahia

Certainly, the emerald-green waters, white sands, palm tress and coral reefs of the Northeast of Brazil could make us forget we need to return home at one point or another.

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