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Snorkelling in Brazil

I've seen more Brazil tourist attractions than I can remember, beginning in 1976, when I've traveled the country overland from Boa Vista - border with Venezuela - to Iguazu falls - where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay share boundaries.

From the sertao to the Amazon rainforest and from the top brazilian beaches of the nordeast to megacities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, my personal list of tourist attractions in Brazil has no end, really.

Have you walked the streets of Ouro Preto or visited the Brasilia cathedral?...

If you've been to Brazil, you've witnessed the beauty of that and so much more.

Please, stay a moment and share your favorite Brasil tourist attractions with us.

Tell us all of your unforgettable tales of discovery and adventure, from snorkeling in Florianopolis to trekking in the jungle.

Even share about the quaint little shops you visited or where you ate and slept.
By the way, did you try feijoada, one of the most popular brazilian dishes?

Did you make it to Bahia and watched some Capoeira dance?..

Have you experienced Sao Paulo tourism or walked along Rio's Copacabana beach?..

We would like to hear all about your Brazilian holidays.

As a special thank you for sharing, we'll send you a South America travel screen saver that rotates through a series of South American wonders so you can experience the beauty of South America all year long.

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