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Exploring the South American giant

With Brazil tourism, you will certainly experience one of the most unique and diverse cultures on the planet.

To have some Brazil holidays is a must-do stop over in your next adventure travel to South America.

Brazilians are tremendously welcoming and sympathetic. They are one of the most hospitable people in the world and certainly know how to enjoy themselves.

Parrachos de Rio do Fogo. RN Brazil
Parrachos, Rio do Fogo by Aureliano Nóbrega - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Samba, bossa nova, cachaça, beer, soccer and feijoada seem to be daily ingredients in the life of the average Brazilian.

Party and good times are in the core of Brazilian culture, so you're guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy your Brazil travel experience.

And talking about good times...have you ever heard about a more famous Carnival in the world than the one celebrated yearly in Rio de Janeiro?

Surely, we can't leave out Salvador for that matter, or the one at Olinda, proudly advertised as the only free carnival in the country.

Totally amazing...

Brazil Facts

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Capital: Brasilia
Language: Portuguese, 120 Indian languages
Population: 190.7 million (according to 2010 demographic census)
Area: 8,511,965 / 3,285,618
Currency: Real
Exchange Rate: R$ 2.58650 per dollar (December 2014)
Religion:89% Roman Catholic, Indian and African faiths
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Brazil Tourist Attractions:

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Our first Brazil tourism experience was back in 1976, when we entered the country through the Venezuelan border, arriving to Boa Vista.

To get to Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon jungle, was a unique experience in itself as they were building the Trans Amazon Highway cutting through the jungle and facing resistance from local aboriginal tribes.
Understandably enough, they weren't prepared to let it go easily.

So we were escorted by armed men, day and night. In land as well as crossing rivers and creeks in precarious rafts, we were surrounded by rifles everywhere. Have to admit that the risk factor added spice to our Brazil travel adventure, like a character out of Indiana Jones.

In addition, those nights sleeping under the sky, with stars brighter than a Chinese firework, were among the best we've ever experienced out in the open.

We navigated the Amazon river for almost a week. Visited Santarem and arrived at the port city of Belem, near to where the Amazon meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Morro Branco Beach, Ceara, Brazil
Morro Branco Beach - (CC BY 2.0) by Otávio Nogueira

The Brazilian NE is magnificent.

Over two thousand miles of virtually uninterrupted white sand beaches, emerald-green waters, coral reefs, lagoons, coconut palms, name it. Brazil beaches at its best! The ideal place for sun lovers, were fun and leisure are an integral part of the landscape.

We followed the coastline and visited Fortaleza, Recife, Fernando de Noronha island, João Pessoa and Maceió, before arriving to Brazil's main tourist destination, Salvador de Bahia. A unique blend of indigenous, African and European cultures.

Home of Capoeira, Salvador da Bahia is also the birthplace of famous musicians and composers such as João Gilberto, Caetano Velloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Maria Bethania and writer Jorge Amado among others.

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Brasilia - Brazil's capital is a truly modern city. We've got really impressed by the Cathedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida. We've never seen religious architecture so harmonious and futuristic as this one.

Heading south, we reached Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais, and visited Ouro Preto, a historic mining town built in 17th century and a World Heritage Landmark by UNESCO. It hosts the oldest theater in South America.

Next stop was São Paulo, Brazil's largest city and ranked 4th on a global scale.
Absolutely impressive place, it can even make you feel intimidated by its size and activity level. As we discovered, São Paulo tourism rivals Rio in terms of fun and entertainment.

But Rio de Janeiro kept us all excited in anticipation. After all, you just don't walk into the most sensual city on the Planet to remain indifferent, do you?..

Neither do we!.. That's Brazil tourism par excellence!.. We spent about one week sightseeing Rio de Janeiro...what an experience! Truly deserves the name of cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city).

Our Brazil holidays took us to Buzios and the port city of Santos before moving to Curitiba, a clean, tidy and beautiful place where all city projects had been chosen by referendum. Impeccable. One of the best examples of urban planning in the world.

Florianopolis or Floripa as it's often called, is a paradise not to be missed in the Ilha do Santa Catarina. With 42 beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants and vibrant nightlife, Floripa is a top destination for surfing in Brazil.

We specially loved the little fishing village of Barra da Lagoa. Quiet, bohemian and less developed than the beaches in the North of the island, Barra's beach is also ideal if you want to start learning to surf.
And if you want to experience nature at its best, head off to Naufragados, in the Shourthernmost part of the island. It can only be reached by trail or boat.

After nearly two month, we were wrapping up our Brazil holidays. We visited Pantanal before moving to Foz do Iguaçu, home to the impressive Iguazu Falls in the border with Argentina and Paraguay.
It's one of the main sights in the Southern Hemisphere.

Brazil tourism is a must-do destination in your next trip to South America. Bring your bikini or Bermudas short, slippers or sandals (no socks please) and a T-shirt, and be prepared to enjoy provably the most incredible South America vacation of your life...

Jericoacoara. Ceara, Brazil
Jericoacoara - ©Embratur

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