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A 3D approach to the South American giant

Brazil pictures does exactly what it says in the tin, to let you discover some of the most impressive tourist attractions in Brazil in a single photo gallery.

It would be impossible for us to show them all here - after all, we aren't the Library of Congress, ya know! - but you will end up with a pretty nice idea about what is awaiting you whenever ready to experience the South American giant.

Besides, you'll be browsing through Brazil photos in 3D - you can even use full screen mode - a complete new way of showing photography in our website that you will (hopefully) love.
We think it's awesome!

Fifa World cup
Fifa World Cup 2014

It may happen that you are planning some Brazil vacations without a clear idea about where to go or even where to start from. If this sounds like you, we have something that will pave the way to your dreamed vacation.

We are just about to release an ebook that will take you by the hand, from conception to completion. Guess we could call it "Brazil travel made easy" or the "Worry-free guide to Brazil travel".

We've chosen to call it "FIFA World Cup 2014" instead, due to the massive amount of visitors that will show up in Brazil for this global celebration.

Now, you might not be a soccer fan or even know what football is, but the book covers all your planning needs big time, plus lots of info for you to move around once you get there.

We have been in Brazil many times over for the last three decades now - and currently based in Fortaleza (CearŠ) - so you'll get the experience of an insider and will discover Brazil in the safest possible way.

Update: The book is available at Kindle Store on

Brazil Pictures

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