Brazil Education Lucrative for Private Players

by Shushmul Maheshwari
(B-129, Sector 6 Noida - 201301)



According to our latest research report “Brazil Education Services Market Analysis”, Brazil has become the most attractive market for education services in Latin America as it represents the largest education base and consequently the largest market for education services. The number of fundamental school students’ enrollments has been growing fast owing to supportive education policies and surging 5-14 years age group population. It is expected that surging enrollments will result in a large number of annual school requirements which will provide impressive growth opportunities for private players.

The report has found that in 2009, the municipal sector received the largest student registration share. Close supervision, greater number of school establishments and regional influence of municipal schools have been the major factors for the dominating registrations share of these schools in Brazil. In coming years, there is a strong possibility of registrations shift towards private schools as parents are becoming education quality conscious and willing to spend more on innovative and creative education offerings.

On higher education front, the private sector represents strong potential for future growth. In 2009, top 10 non-government institutions accounted for Just 22.8% market share in post-secondary education. Rest of the market was captured by thousands of medium and small education groups/companies spread across the country. In other fast emerging and developed economies like Russia and US, the share of top players is quite high. We expect this share to increase dynamically during 2011-2013 owing to various supporting factors discussed and analyzed in the report.

“Brazil Education Services Market Analysis” provides extensive research and conceptual analysis of the education sector in Brazil. The report facilitates information/statistics on student enrollments and education infrastructure for all prominent systems including basic, high school and higher education. The segment wise regulatory environment analysis and key players description have also been provided in the report. Most importantly, it facilitates potential student enrollments and annual college requirements during 2011-2013 to provide a balanced research outlook of the concerned market.

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