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Diving at Bombinhas
Diving at Bombinhas Beach - © Daniel Moore

Arrived to Bombinhas before Christmas 2010 on my way to Buenos Aires, after two lovely weeks visiting Barra da Lagoa and other Florianópolis beaches.

Family was waiting with a stuffed turkey to celebrate it and I couldn't say no.

Found a nice, little pousada at Quatro Ilhas -about 10 minutes walk from Bombinhas beach - and set out to discover the place.

Quatro Ilhas (Four Islands) owes its name due to the fact that visitors can see them all from its coast: Galés, Deserta, Macuco and Arvoredo.

They are part of the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve, a national ecological patrimony of around 18,000ha dedicated to scientific studies on marine flora and fauna.

It's also THE place for ecological diving in Southern Brazil.

And talking about diving, there are several diving schools that would take you for a "baptism", a simple underwater experience guided by an instructor.

You could also opt for the open waters diving course, a five days training seminar that includes at least one immersion in deep waters.
This certification (PADI or similar) costs around U$S 350 and gives you the credential to scuba dive anywhere in the world. Just remember that, once you have it, you'll need to dive at least once a year to keep it valid.

The tiny beach town of Bombinhas has everything you could ask for a superb Brazil vacation: 18 beautiful beaches for swimming and sunbathing, lots of nightlife, restaurants and entertainment, great summer weather from December to April, surfing, trekking and the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

See Bombinhas on the map.

Praia do Sepultura. Bombinhas, Brazil
Praia do Sepultura. Bombinhas - © Daniel Moore

I had the chance to explore just about all Bombinhas beaches and do some trekking as well.

Loved Praia do Sepultura for being small, quiet and intimate. Embrulho was lovely too and so it was to look at Canto Grande, Zimbros and Mariscal from Morro do Macaco.

Canto Grande has "Mar de dentro" (quiet waters) and "Mar de Fora" (open ocean waters). It continues into Mariscal, the largest beach in Porto Belo peninsula (4 km extension) favored by surfers.

But the most exciting beach is the one at Bombinhas. With about one km in extension, it gets packed during summer month, so you may want to visit it in early December, March or April instead.

Ribeiro is a small beach with calm waters between the beaches of Bombinhas and Bombas. Favored by families, Bombas beach- with about 2 km extension - has lots of resorts, restaurants and amenities.

Missed Tahina beach because of the rain, the most secluded place in Porto Belo peninsula. It takes an unpaved road to get there, not advisable when it rains in coastal Santa Catarina State.

Just another reason for me to get there once again.
Besides, Jose - friend and owner of the pousada I was staying at - told me he would invite me to do some prawn trawling and diving when I get back.

Who could say no to that?

My time in Bombinhas was coming to an end. Nex stop was Buenos Aires.
The twenty seven hours overland journey to Argentina would give me the chance to relax, admire the landscape and start planning my next South America travel experience...

Trekking at Morro do Macaco, Canto Grande. Bombinhas, Brazil
Trekking at Morro do Macaco, Canto Grande - © Daniel Moore

If you've been to Brazil or currently traveling around there, let us know your opinion or favorite Brazilian beach to recommend to other travellers.

How to Get There:

Closest airports to Bombinhas are Navegantes (47 km) and Hercilio Luz Airport at Floripa, around 60 km (35 miles) away.
If you come overland from other Brazilian cities or neighboring countries, get to Balneario Camboriú bus terminal and check in with Praiana bus company. They service the road to/from Bombas and Bombinhas every 40 minutes or so.

If you're in Floripa already, Catarinense bus company will take you from Rita Maria (Floripa's bus terminal) to Camboriú bust terminal, a 1,5 hours journey at the most. Then take the Praiana.

In case you're driving, just follow BR-101 North and keep an eye on the traffic circle to Porto Belo peninsula, following SC-412 for about 15 km.

Where to Stay:

I would first recommend you the place I was staying at Quatro Ilhas: Pousada Atoba. A lovely place and close to everywhere.
There are of course multiple options for accommodation such as apartments, hotels and many pousadas to choose from, find and compare best hotel rates in the city.

Just remember that during top summer month in South America: January and February, accommodation rates in tourist areas are higher. The equivalent of July and August in Europe.
If you plan to be based at Balneario Camboriú, click here to compare best hotel rates .

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