Attractions in Ecuador: Waterfalls of Banos

by Jess

Manto de la Novia

Manto de la Novia

Manto de la Novia We did run out of gas...

I live and vacation in Ecuador.

Recently I had family visiting, so we headed of to the popular traveler destination of Baños (de Agua Santa in the province of Tungurahua, not to be confused with the town with the same name near Cuenca).

Baños is a quiet little town in the shadows of the Tungurahua volcano. There was a thin cap of ash on most everything that hadn't been swept within a few days, but we didn't feel as though we were in danger.

In talking with a restaurant owner, we learned that the people of Baños have come to accept their ash spitting neighbor.

The heightened activity of the volcano in recent decades once caused immediate fear and panic, which has now been replaced with calm respect.

Local authorities still monitor the situation constantly and hiking on the volcano was not permitted at the time we were there.

We enjoyed the laid back feel of Baños. There is hardly any traffic in town. And day spas and thermal pools add to the relaxed feel. Plus the variety of good food made us feel completely satisfied.

Baños is famous for it's thermal pools, heated by the volcanic activity. There are several different pools to choose from. It's a great way to relax...and warm up if the day is on the chilly side.

We decided to see the nearby Avenida de las Cascadas (Waterfall Avenue). The road between Baños and the jungle town of Puyo follows a deep canyon lined with waterfalls.

There are various ways to see this area. Many ride bikes. Others take guided "chiva" (open sided bus) tours. Or you can rent a jeep or go-karts.

We decided to try the go-karts. It was awesome! The road is busy with traffic but there were several detours only for tourists on bikes or go-karts. These brought you right along the edge of the canyon, where you could enjoy the scenery all around.

The Manto de la Novia (bride's veil) waterfall could also be seen from two different cable cars. One brought you to the base of the falls, the other to the top.

My favorite was the Pailon del Diablo (Devil's Cauldron). After a long hike down to the bottom of the canyon you reached the waterfall.

It was so huge that it was hard to take it all in. The spray from the falling water was just what you needed after the long hike.

We really enjoyed out trip to Baños; we didn't want to leave. And we only saw a small part of what Baños offers. So we will have to go again soon.


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