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Argentina Travel: Polo Players
Campo Argentino de Polo - © Secretariat of Turismo Buenos Aires

Try Argentina Polo Vacations for an exotic holiday.
Whether you are an experienced rider or would like to improve your abilities, Argentina is your destination.

It's been a royal pastime in China for centuries and adopted by the European nobility in the early part of 20th. century, but you certainly don't need to be a prince to enjoy it.

Try your hand at Polo while engaged in Buenos Aires tourism, one of the top tourist attractions in Argentina.

In and around the city there are several clubs and schools to learn this exciting and skilled sport, among others...

It was adopted by the Argentine gauchos, who prior to this played Pato since 1610, a game that also requires agile riding skills and strong hand-eye coordination.

It's played professionally in England, Pakistan, India and United States, but Argentina dominates the scene in both the quality of its players and the Raza Polo Argentino, the only purpose bred polo pony of international demand.

Through taming and training, it takes about five years to bring a pony to competition level, and the result is a horse with salient characteristics...

Argentina Travel: Polo, chukker at Campo Argentino de Polo
Buenos Aires: Chukker at Campo Argentino de Polo - © Secretariat of Turismo Buenos Aires

Polo is played by two teams of four each side mounted on a horseback and divided in periods of seven minutes called chukkers.
The aim is to score a goal against your opponent using a long-handled mallet.

The origins are placed in Asia Minor some 4500 years ago and came to the West via Manipur (India).
Its name comes from Balti, language spoken in northern Pakistan, which means ball.

Let's watch some "live" Polo...
Chukker 7, Chapaleufu vs Ellerstrina, played at Campo Argentino de Polo, Palermo, Buenos Aires (narrated in Spanish)...

Argentina has been uninterrupted world champion since 1949 and its Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo Tournament remains one of the most important competitions in the world.
The dates of the Argentine Open includes...

Have a wonderful Polo travel experience!...

How to Get There:

By Air:

International flights arrive to Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza, some 35 km south of the city.
Aerolineas Argentinas has regular flights to/from Buenos Aires, as well as a good number of other international airlines such as Iberia, British Airways, Lufthansa, etc. The list is HUGE so check with your Travel Agent from your point of departure in order to get the best connextion or direct flight according to your needs.

Domestic and Uruguay flights use Aeropuerto Jorge Newbery - within city limits.
Both are connected through shuttle services, buses and taxis.
Within Argentina there are other airlines to choose from. Líneas Aéreas del Estado (LADE)and Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas (LAPA) are some options available.

Please visit Argentina airports for more info.

By Bus:

Estación Retiro is the main bus terminal in Buenos Aires to/from anywhere within the country as well as neighbouring countries: Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia.
A well run bus system with long distance buses that usually provide meal service and toilets.
You could also choose to eat at restaurants along the way if not meal service is provided.

By Water:

From Dársena Norte (Buenos Aires Port) there is a regular hydrofoyl and ferry service to Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
From Tigre (1/2 by train from Retiro train station) you could also get a boat to Carmelo, Uruguay.

Where to Stay:

From luxury accommodation to hostels, the city has them all.
Find and compare best hotel rates in Buenos Aires.

For the independent traveller, book budget accommodation in Buenos Aires here.

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