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Argentina could very well be defined by two words only: passion and exuberance.

Sunrise in Patagonia
Sunrise in Patagonia

Nothing there is taken lightly, whether it's food, soccer, politics, nightlife or friendship, to mention but some. You'll soon discover it, as soon as you do some Argentina travel of your own.

Have you ever seen a group of people engaged in a conversation about soccer or politics? Oh man, that's something to see, Argentina people is passionate with just about everything!

Equally, when ready to do some Buenos Aires tourism, go to La Bombonera soccer stadium - home to the legendary Boca Juniors - playing against its historical rival: River Plate. Passion builds up so thick that you can almost touch it!

In addition, Argentina is the most European influenced country in South America. You can see it written all over it, from languages spoken to architecture, food, fashion, antiques, culture and art.

Argentina Travel:  Argentinian Pampas
Argentinian Pampas - ©Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

No wonder Buenos Aires - capital of Argentina - is called the "Paris of South America".

At the same time, is the land of polo, soccer, tango, mate and steaks the size of a hot water bottle.

So big that you might seek partnership before attacking one of them. Ask for a "bife de chorizo" or "parrillada" and you will agree with us.

Your Argentina travel experience wouldn't be completed until you try "empanadas", "locro" and "humita", that goes back to the times when the epic gaucho roamed the Pampas with his horse and guitar as sole companions.

Italian and Spanish food is also tremendously popular, from pizza to paella, and everything in between.

Here's some Argentina facts and figures...

Argentina Map
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Argentina Facts

 argentinal flag

Capital: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Language: Spanish
Population: 41.45 million (2013)
Area: 2,780,092 / 1,073,116
Currency: Argentinian Peso (ARS)
Exchange Rate: ARS 4,33 per USD (March 2012)
Religion: Roman Catholic
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Argentina's World Heritage Sites:

The list of places we would like you to visit is almost endless - Argentina is the 2nd biggest country in South America after Brazil. But let us immerse you first in the top eight places listed in the World Heritage List for South America by UNESCO. If you love nature these are a must-do destinations to cover in your Argentina tourism experience. By the way, check the full tentative list for South America as well.

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Argentina Tourist Attractions:

Upsala glacier
Upsala Glacier by Boris G. - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

For starters, let's do some Buenos Aires tourism, most likely to be your point of arrival, particularly if coming from abroad.

If you'll do some Argentina tourism in summer (December-March) you'll love to explore the Atlantic coast, especially Mar del Plata, also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, and the wine region of Mendoza.

You wouldn't want to miss Cordoba either, and to explore Corrientes , Entre Rios and Misiones provinces in the Mesopotamia region.

Specially visit Iguazu falls, in the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Salta province- or "Salta La Bella" (The Beautiful)- is loaded with colonial architecture, gaucho traditions and home to the amazing tren de las nubes.

For winter instead (June to August), your favorite spots for Argentina tourism would be the Great Lakes area and the sky resorts of Bariloche, in Nahuel Huapy National Park and San Martin de los Andes,in the mythical Patagonia, that also offers countless opportunities for fly fishing enthusiasts. By the way, check the Patagonia Haiku Deck for a visual insight.

Further down you'll reach Magellan Strait and Ushuaia, in the magical Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire). It is the southernmost tip of the American Continent and gateway to Antarctica and fjords.

You may not be able to cover such a vast Argentina tourismapt to every budget and needs agenda in just one visit. Budgetary or time constrains, or both, are a burden sometimes. Not many of us have the resources to be non-stop travelers or to take a Gap Year in the midst of our busy lives. However, you can always plan a second or third trip helped by a very convenient exchange rate that let you enjoy a superb vacation for a fraction of international prices.

Yes, Argentina travel is not only beautiful, it's affordable as well. Don't miss it. Argentina tourism is South America's finest travel experience...

Iguazu Falls
Uguazu Falls by Boris G. - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Before you go we'd like to thank you for your visit , and if you're fond of travel photography, the photo galleries found at the following pages will certainly give you a nice visual insight...

Where to Stay:

From upscale to modest, the variety of accommodation options is very broad, Find and compare best hotel rates in Argentina

For the independent/solo traveler, budget accommodation (hostels) is the best way to exprience Argentina tourism. Book hostels in Argentina here.

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