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Carlos Gardel. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carlos Gardel - © Luis Martin

Argentina Pictures is an eclectic selection of images from different photographers, visions and interests that will grow in time for you to enjoy.

A photo gallery composed of travel pics as well as Color and B&W Photo Essays with the purpose of giving you a more intimate approach to Argentina: its landscapes, people, its culture and traditions.

An "inner vision", as seen it by native photographers.

To open up the gallery let me introduce you to Luis Martin, very talented photographer and a Master Fine Art printer in the tradition of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.

Luis is also a good friend of mine for the last twenty five years or so.
Remember the long nights developing film and printing the occasional little pearls under his darkroom's dim red light and the many meals together, as he is a fine cook as well!
Get yourself invited and check him out!..

His photographic career started in the early 1970s and since then he's expanded into different fields of Photography: Industrial, Product, Portrait and Social Documentary, as well as reproducing works of art from sculptors, painters and other artists in general.

Luis Martin portraits are now part of four books and his photo essays have been published locally and internationally.

"Eternal Gardel", the photo essay we are about to see, reflects Luis Martin's interest in Argentina's culture, myths and traditions.

To require Luis Martin professional services or access to his vast archive contact him directly:
Please Note:
All his work is subject to Copyright and can not be reproduced without his written permission.

Carlos Gardel (1890-1935) is the biggest icon of Argentinean tango and provably the world for that matter.
His portraits are to be found just about anywhere in Buenos Aires, irrelevant of place or circumstances.

Gardel is the first and foremost expression of tango.
Known as the "King of Tango", Gardel's sky-rocketing career was cut short due to a plane crash in Medellin, Colombia in 1935.

To learn more about his life, career and spectacular success visit

Argentina Pictures: "Eternal Gardel"


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