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Argentina Travel: Argentina fly fishing
Argentina: Patagonia Fly Fishing - Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

South America it's been, since the beginning of sport fishing in the region, a must-do destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Both Argentina and Chile fly fishing are recurring names in just about every international selection of the world's top ten sport fishing spots.

To some extent, Pantanal in Brazil it's often to be found as well.

South America will make your wildest dreams come true.

Trout and salmon were introduced in Argentina by explorer Perito Francisco Moreno in the early 1900s and quickly adapted to its rivers and lakes, breeding in the wild.

Today, trout dwells in every water course in Patagonia.

Argentina Fly Fishing:

Professionals and amateurs alike find tossing files in Patagonia rivers and lakes - Argentina fly fhsing par excellence - to be a privilege for all the good reasons: outstanding Argentina trout fishing and awe-inspiring scenery.

To top it up, Argentina's excellent beef and wines await you after a day of angling.
Species found here include...

  • rainbow trout
  • brown trout
  • brook trout
  • land-lock salmon
  • perch

Argentina Travel: Brown Trout fly fishing
Argentina: Brown Trout - Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

The fishing season runs from mid November to mid April and fishing techniques allowed in Argentina are...

"Catch and Release" it's common practice, particularly in Los Alerces National Park. Specimens caught here must be released into their environment.
Please Note: A fishing license it's required for the season.

The cities of Esquel and Bariloche (Nahuel Huapi National Park)are frequent points of arrival from where to explore rivers and lakes in magical Patagonia.
Neuquen province it's world famous for flycasting.

Correntoso river- the shortest in the world- at Villa la Angostura, connects Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi lakes, and it's home to the most spectacular samples of trouts found anywhere.
Both Correntoso and Chimehuin rivers hold Argentina's record for brown and rainbow trout.

The mouth of Chimehuin river stands on its own in Junin de los Andes.
Other rivers in the area include...

  • Malleo river
  • Limay river
  • Neuquen river
  • Collon Cura

Esquel, main entrance to Los Alerces National Park, it's located some 300 km south of Bariloche (Nahuel Huapi National Park), and provides access to excellent rivers such as...

  • Carrileufu
  • Rivadavia
  • Arrayanes
  • Frey
Argentina Travel:  Sport fishing in Entre Rios province
Sport Fishing in Entre Rios- Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

Also in Chubut province, Rio Pico has plenty of brown and rainbow trout, particularly the mouth of Corcovado river and Rio Grande (not to be confused with the other that sustains the same name in Tierra del Fuego Province).

Surrounding lakes are...

In addition, the Gualjaina region, with rivers such as...

Argentina's Litoral region offers another world famous destination to sport fishing lovers.
Parana river ("Father of the Waters")crosses the provinces of Misiones, Chaco, Corrientes, Santa Fe and Entre Rios, before discharging in the Rio de la Plata delta.
Surubi and Pacu are found in its waters, but the most spectacular of them all it's Dorado.
Anglers from all over the world come here every year, particularly to Corrientes province, in pursuit of the "tiger of the rivers", as Dorado is regarded.

Its main fishing spots include...

  • Esquina
  • Paso de la Patria
  • Isla del Cerrito
  • Goya
  • Empedrado

Entre Rios province instead, has La Paz as its main fishing harbor.

Chile Fly Fishing:

Both sides of the Andes are worldwide famous.
Equally beautiful, Chilean rivers and lakes are populated with rainbow, brook and brown trout.
Trout was introduced in Chile in the late 1800s and gradually became a magnet to fly fishing enthusiasts, particularly the Lake District region.
Species found here include...

  • brown trout
  • brook trout
  • steelhead trout
  • silver salmon
  • atlantic salmon

In recent years, Futaleufu river- born in Argentina's Los Alerces National Park- has become an increasingly important fishing destination, that adds to its reputation of being on of the most incredible rivers in the world for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Patagonia, both in the Argentina and the Chilean counterpart has to offer not only astonishing beauty in its mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, to lovers of nature and wilderness.

It's also a unique South America fly fishing haven...

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