Argentina Culture: Are feathers a symbol?

by Brad
(Terra cotta)

Why is the feather an important symbol in Argentina?


To the best of our knowledge feathers do not represent any particular symbolism in Argentina culture, at least not officially approved such as the the flag or Argentinian cockade.

They are, however, profusely used in popular events and street celebrations like carnival for instance.

In fact, Gualeguaychu's carnival is a good example of it, where lots of feathers - mostly of synthetic origin, with some natural (dyed) pheasant and peacock feathers - are part of costumes.

Similarly, Brazilian carnival costumes show exuberance in their use, and we're talking about the biggest carnival celebration in the whole wide world, such as the ones taking place yearly in Rio, Recife and Salvador.

For centuries - if not millennia - feathers were used as ornaments by just about every aboriginal tribe in the American continent, from the Great Indian Nation in United States to the Onas in Tierra del Fuego, the very end of South America.

Are we so different from them in modern times?

In many ways we are, but feathers - real or not - are still in use when we want to dress up, shine or look for a mate.

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