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A review about the fifth largest continent

Antarctica - Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

Your fantastic journey to Antarctica will most likely start from the port city of Ushuaia (1.200 km away), in Tierra del Fuego , southern Patagonia, Argentina.

The following Antarctica facts and travel related info will hopefully help you to know more about the fifth largest continent in the world.

To the Ross region and the eastern part of the white continent, the usual ports of departure are Hobart (Australia) and Auckland and Lyttleton-Christchurch (New Zealand).

However, bear in mind that these are longer and more expensive trips.

In South America, Ushuaia is likely to be the point of departure, or the last stopover before reaching the white continent.

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Tourism to the Peninsula started in 1966, when Lars-Eric Lindblad conducted the first expedition cruising- coupled with education as a major theme.

Before that, human activity was limited to early explorers, those seeking fortune in the exploitation of seals and whales and to scientific research and exploration. By 1969, the "Lindblad Explorer" was built and he started the modern expedition cruise industry.

Today, some 25 thousand tourists visit the place every summer...and increasing.
Antarctica cruise has a different flavor than a Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise for instance - which are more entertainment oriented, with late nights, dancing, cocktails and fun.

Nevertheless, you could still get some of it by choosing large vessels, but they usually involve sightseeing only, without landings. Expedition cruising is more educational, with lectures and video presentations conducted by experts and veterans of the eternal ice. It does involves landing as well.

Here's some Antarctica facts on travel...

Antarctica, Emperor penguins
Antarctica: Emperor Penguins - Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires

Summer (November to March) is the best time to travel to Antarctica. The mean annual temperature at the South Pole is minus 56 degrees F. During the Austral Summer, temperatures at McMurdo base, on the Ross Sea, may get as high as 40 degrees F, while at the South Pole, at the Amundsen- Scott station, temperatures may reach 0 degrees F.

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Antarctica Facts

How to Get to Ushuaia:

By Air:

There are direct flights from Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas / Austral)to Ushuaia.
You could also get a flight connexion in El Calafate, main gateway to Glaciers National Park.

For more info on airports and airlines please visit Argentina airports.

To/from Chile you can fly with Aerovias DAP that service Punta Arenas-Ushuaia on a Twin Otters 20-passenger three times a week in high season. It costs around US$100.00

By Bus:

It's a two-leg trip for a total of 3,220 km (one way)...

There is not direct service between El Calafate and Ushuaia. Nevertheless, you have two options...

Where to Stay:


Find and compare best hotel rates in Ushuaia.

Book budget accommodation in the city.

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