Angel Falls...
The astonishing "Kerepakupay merú"

Angel Falls, Venezuela
Angel Falls, Venezuela. © Picfolio/Istockphoto

Talking waterfalls, nothing rivals the absolute outstanding beauty of Angel falls, in Venezuela, one of the very top attractions of South America.

With all due respect, forget about Niagara falls or even the impressive Iguazu (Iguassu) falls, border with Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

An exception to the rule would be Victoria falls (Mosi-Oa-Tunya), on the Zambezi river, border with Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa.

They were named after Queen Victoria of England by David Livingstone, in 1855, the first European to visit the place.

In fact, in no particular order, the top three in the world include...

In the State of Bolívar, SE of Venezuela, lies the Gran Sabana region, almost covered by Canaima national park.
The most outstanding characteristic of the area is the profusion of "tepuis" or table-top mountains, 115 of them, being Autana, Auyantepuy and Mount Roraima the most prominent.

The word tepuy means "house of the gods" in native tongue of local Pemon Indians.
For them, they are ancestrally known as Kerepakupai merú (waterfall of the deepest place) or Parakupa-vena (the fall from the highest point).

Tepuis are basically "islands above the rainforest".
Cloudy most of the year, they have a different climate than the lower jungle as well as endemic flora and fauna developed over millennia, not to be found anywhere else and yet to be classified.

To learn more about tepuis visit and their photo gallery.

Angel falls are the tallest in the world, with a height of 979 m (3,212 f).
Jimmy Angel - American aviator from Missouri - discovered them in 1933. He returned in 1937 and landed his monoplane on the marshy lands on top of Auyantepui.

It remained there for 33 years until it was lifted by a helicopter, while him and his party returned to civilization in eleven days.

Angel Falls. Venezuela
Angel Falls. Venezuela by ENT108

How to Get There:

You'll begin your expedition form the town o Canaima. Inaccessible by land, your only option is to fly there.

In fact, there are five cities in Venezuela from which to catch a plane...

You will need to show a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate before boarding the flight.

Your best bet is to fly from Ciudad Bolívar (cheaper airfare). You could get a comfortable overnight bus from Caracas to Ciudad Bolívar.

Once in Canaima town, a superb way to visit the falls is to fly by helicopter.
Check prices and options here.

Where to Stay:

It's never been an inexpensive destination in Venezuela. You are better off contacting tour operators in Ciudad Bolívar and arrange the whole package, including posadas to stay.

Some option to lodge include...

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