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Brazil Travel:  Amazon River Cruise
Amazon River Cruise - ©Hugh Hunter Jr. / International Expeditions

We remember with affection our first Amazon river cruise in the early month of 1976.

We were as bunch of international travellers that departed from London for a fantastic South America exploration that took us to several countries by air, land and water.

Just to get overland from Boa Vista to Manaus was spectacular in itself, but to cruise the mighty Amazon river and trek the Amazon rainforest was simply superb.

After wandering and negotiating for several days at Manaus port we came across to the right boat for us.

A very-basic supplies boat that navigated from Manaus to Belem with no comfort whatsoever, just hooks on deck to hung our hammocks on and a three-man-crew that spoke nothing but Portuguese. The bathroom was so small that I couldn't raise my arms. More than a shower it looked like standing out in the rain.

They cooked feijoada for us every single day - feijoada or fejón is Brazil's traditional dish based on rice, black beans and chicken.
The not-so-funny part is that they used water from the Amazon river for cooking so many of us got diarrhea as a consequence.

One of the girls loved to sunbathe naked on deck, to the amusement of the crew. For some reason, during those hours, they seemed to loose concentration in their tasks.

Amazon Rainfores Lodge
Amazon Rainforest Lodge - © Christian Knepper / Embratur

To experience the Amazon river and the magic scenery of the Amazon rainforest there is nothing like taking an Amazon river cruise.
Your cruise will more likely start or end at Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

If cruising to Belem, you will visit Santarem, where the Amazon and Tapajos rivers meet but don't mix for miles. Another standard cruise will take you from Iquitos, Peru, to Manaus, Brazil.

Please give yourself a few days to explore Manaus and its surroundings, and if you are there by the last week of June, make sure to witness Parintins festival.

Parintins festival is an incredible ritual of magic, passion and mystery that is recreated annually for the last 80 years or so.

To take an Amazon river cruise is a fantastic wilderness experience.
The lush smell of the rainforest, with a symphony of macaws, parrots and other tropical birds, and monkeys playing in the trees above is something that most people have only imagined.

Not to mention if you are lucky enough as to see some Amazon Pink river dolphins swimming alongside your boat. Amazon is the greatest river in South America.

Essential Items To Pack:

  • Long and short sleeves cotton shirts
  • Waterproof jacket with hood
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Pants- better those with zip out legs that can convert into shorts
  • Bathing suit
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses, insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Light sweater
  • Small backpack
  • Self-sealed plastic bags - for documents, film, batteries, etc.

Please visit Travellers Health for the basic first aid kit to carry with you, as well as to check for resources regarding vaccination needed.

The mystique and allure of the Amazon rainforest beckons those who are fascinated with the natural world.

Just take an Amazon river cruise on your next trip to South America and you will discover beauty well beyond your wildest dreams...

How To Get To Manaus:

By Air:
Through Eduardo Gomes International Airport. Visit Airports in Brazil for more info.

By River:
There are river boats from many Amazon ports, including Iquitos (Peru) and Belem.

By Road:
From Brasilia to Belem: Belem-Brasilia Federal Highway: BR-153, BR-226, BR-016

Where to Stay:


Find and compare best hotel rates in the city.

Book budget accommodation in Manaus.

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