Amazon Rainforest Plants...
The most amazing laboratory of life

The list of species of Amazon rainforest plants is still a work in progress to modern science for years to come, not to mention their medicinal properties and benefits they could bring to humankind, progress and well being.

Let's just consider that the canopy - one of the layers in which the Amazon rainforest is divided - it's the richest and wealthiest of them all, believed to be home to 50% of all plant species.

Coconuts. Amazon rainforest
Coconuts - © Peter Nijenhuis

This tremendously complex ecosystem has already provided drugs like muscle relaxants (curare family), quinine, steroids and cancer drugs.

Most importantly, many other drugs are still awaiting discovery.

Used for centuries by shamans, healers, natives of the rainforest, the world is beginning to understand about the need to preserve not only the forest, but the empirical knowledge accumulated by them through thousands of years.

No one understands the secrets of these plants better than the indigenous medicine men and women, able to cure just about every conceivable health problem within their environment.

To many, this is the true wealth of the rainforest, beyond the Amazon rainforest plants themselves.

However, conservation should not be about selfish considerations with a benefit-oriented approach - basically, what is in it for us - but to focus on the need to preserve the cultural values of the true owners of the rainforest.

Central to their cosmogony is the need to be one with nature, to respect and to act in such a way as not to offend the spirits of the rainforest. To Shamanic cultures that populate the South American jungle, Oneness with God is the underlying principle of all life.

Judging by the look of things, it seems like Western civilization could learn a thing or two from them as well, wouldn't you say?

Amazon Rainforest Plants
(and Flowers)

The small recollection of images shown here is far from being thorough or a comprehensive list of plants and flowers of any kind, it is only a humble attempt to share some of the awe inspiring beauty that resides in the largest, most impressive - and most threatened - environment on Earth...

How did you like it? you have your own images about Amazon rainforest plants and flowers you would like to share with us here? Just let us know and we will include them in the gallery in no time. Please send us your copyright info as well, critical for publishing your pics.

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