Amazon Rainforest Map

Before showing two different versions of the Amazon rainforest map, let's review some facts and figures.

It covers 2,5 million square miles, embracing nine countries in South America, roughly two thirds of the continent. About 60% of it falls in Brazil.
Its name comes from the Amazon river, born in the highlands of Peru and fed by 1,100 tributaries along its 4,000 mile length before discharging in the Atlantic ocean.

During high water season, its mouth can be as wide as 300 miles wide. It's is estimated that drains an area of 6,900,000 sq km. See a map of the Amazon river network. At present time, unfortunately, only 53% of the Amazonia could be considered "intact" due mainly to deforestation and severe drought due to climate changes.

The following two maps will help you to grasp the concept more clearly, provided by NASA and WWF respectively. Let's start with the NASA, map, a more complete version in our opinion...

Map Description:
Leaf Area Index (LAI) values are high (dark green) throughout the majority of its extension.
The grasslands south of Amazonia have sparse vegetation (light green) while the Andes to the west are almost completely barren (beige). LAI is defined as the proportion of the Earth’s surface covered by leaves.

Values above 1 indicate multiple overlapping leaves, like the multi-tiered branches of a tree’s crown or multiple layers of vegetation.

Amazon Rainforest Map. Amazonia
Rainforest Map - © NASA, by Robert Simmon

The next map - as delineated by the WWF - shows a yellow line that approximately encloses the Amazonia (although leaving out Venezuela and the Guianas: French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname).

Amazon Rainforest Map
Amazon Rainforest Map - © WWF

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