Amazon Rainforest Ecosystem...
A pillar of life on Earth

Out of the six Brazilian ecosystems, the Amazon rainforest ecosystem - Amazônia - is the largest of them all, covering about 47% of the national territory, embracing the States of Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia, Pará, Amapá, Acre, Mato Grosso and Tocantins.

It is also the largest forest formation in the world, an area that sprawls ten degrees to the North and South of the equator line that includes nine South American countries or 2/3s of the continent.

Mantled Howler Monkey
Mantled Howler Monkey and Baby - © Peter Nijenhuis

An ecosystem can be defined as a community of plants and animals associated with specific climatic conditions and non-living (abiotic) features, the interactions that take place between animals, plants, soil, nutrients and other living organisms within a specific area.

This huge laboratory of life, provably the most secret link between humans and nature, is blessed by plenty of sunshine and a permanent wet, humid condition that favors every manifestation of living organisms.

To learn more about the rainforest, its layer structure, climate and threats posed to the environment by deforestation and other issues responsible for the massive destruction it has suffered in the last fifty years, please visit the following pages...

Amazon Rainforest Ecosystem

The following images aim at giving us a visual dimension of this magnificent environment, daily occurrences in the life of the rainforest where all living species, plants, animals and natives of the rainforest coexist pacifically from the beginning of times.

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We truly hope that you have enjoyed these images of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem. Each and everyone of us should be aware about the importance to preserve it by all means possible, not only to our enjoyment, but future generations to come.

Photo Credits:

Streams of Light - © Jon Rawlinson. Iracema Waterfall - © Hudson Amazon River Sunset - ©
Brazilian Amazon - © San Rafael Falls - © Drriss. Amazon Forest 2 - © Hudson
Amazonian Habitat - © Francisco Chavez Iquitos Floating Village - © Brazilian Rainforest - © Embratur
Balbina Dam - © Yahua Blowgun - © Amazonia Waterway - © Zanini
Jungle Boy - © Morejon Flooded Amazon - © Gil Village of Chipitiere - ©
Tambopata River - © Coops UK Macaw Clay Lick - © Mantled Howler Monkey and Baby - © Peter Nijenhuis

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