Airports in Peru...
Top landing strips in the country

Peru is not a country easily explored overland that's why airports in Peru comes to the rescue to help you organize your Peru holidays.
Moving away from the coast - where the majority of the population lives - the geography of Peru is predominantly marked by the rugged terrain of the Andes and the vastness of its impenetrable jungle.

Distances also play a very important role as many tourist attractions in Peru are simply too far apart or plainly impossible to be reached overland (i.e. Iquitos).
The bus journey Lima-Cuzco for instance -1 200km / 730 miles - will take you twenty hours to complete but only one hour if you travel by air.

In this context the following list of airports in Peru will help you plan your Peru vacations in a time-efficient manner.
Download as well the map of Peru to quickly identify major cities and airfields nearby.

The total number of airports in Peru is 201 (2009), while 57 of them have paved runways - concrete or asphalt.

Coming from Europe or USA you are most likely to land at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport also a major hub for connecting national flights.
It has 18 airlines serving 33 international destinations.

The list of international carriers include ...
From North America: Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines Delta Airlines Lan Airlines and Lan Peru.
From Europe: Iberia and KLM.

Aeroperu was Peru's flagship airline until it ceased operations in 1999. Lan Peru (Líneas Aéreas Nacionales del Peru S.A.) is now the country's dominant airline controlling 75% of the domestic market.
It is a subsidiary of Chilean publicly traded company LAN Airlines that also has operations in Argentina (Lan Argentina) and Ecuador (Lan Ecuador).

TACA (Peru) it's another airline we've flown with and can truly recommend for its customer service food on board and overall comfort.

Airports in Peru:

That's it!'ve now a handy list of airports in Peru to make the best of your Peru holidays.
Please let us know by email if you think we've missed an airport that should be included above.
Happy travels!..


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