Airports in Ecuador...
Intl. and main National airports

If you are traveling to Ecuador or planning to take some Ecuador holidays at some point the following index of airports in Ecuador is a handy reference list to keep nearby.
Start by bookmarking this page and download the map of Ecuador to easily find them by region or major cities nearby.

Each airport con also be seen through Google Earth maps. You will need to have it installed in your computer though so download the free edition here if you haven't done it yet. The total number of airports in Ecuador goes up to 402 (2009) while 103 of them have paved runways - concrete of asphalt.

There are four international airports in Ecuador: Mariscal Sucre in Quito Jose J. de Olmedo in Guayaquil, Eloy Alfaro in Manta (Manabí) and Latacunga in Cotopaxi with the largest runway in the country.
As for national airports we have selected the most relevant and likely for you to come across during your Ecuador holidays.

There are also numerous international carriers flying long haul to/from so it shouldn't be difficult for you to find cheap flights to Ecuador.
However bear in mind that South America is always been an expensive destination to fly to, so avoiding peak season (such as Christmas time) it's a good head start.

From USA and Canada there are direct flights with American, Continental, Delta, Air Canada and LAN.
If you are based in Europe KLM Iberia Air France and Lufthansa.

Lan Ecuador is the national airline, however, it doesn't cover domestic destinations. For that you will need Tame, Icaro, VIP Ecuador or Aerogal (primarily to Galápagos Islands).

Airports in Ecuador:

Don't forget to bookmark airports in Ecuador and to download the map of Ecuador for future reference.
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