Airports in Chile...
International plus major aerodromes

If you're planning some Chile holidays airports in Chile is a page you'd like to bookmark.
Whichever the tourist attractions you'd like to visit it's handy to know about the closest airport to land or to take off taking into consideration the length of the country.

Chile has an excellent network of long-distance buses, however, some destinations are too far apart and time consuming when you cover them by bus.
Consider for instancethat Santiago-Arica is a 30 hours bus journey - they are over 2.000 km apart - but only 4 hours by air.

So planes come in handy to make the best of your Chile vacation not to mention if you intent to explore Easter Island Robinson Crusoe island or the glacier region at Torres del Paine National Park.

Of all airports in Chile, Santiago International (Arturo Merino Benitez) is the country's top airport, also a major hub for connecting national flights. It receives a number of international airlines such as American Airlines, Air Canada, Air France, KLM, Iberia, TAM, Taca, Aerolineas Argentinas, Avianca, Varig, etc.

Chile's flagship airline is Lan Chile.

Airports in Chile:

Chile has 330 airports and aerodromes supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority ( DGAC -
Seven of them are fully equipped for international operations and the rest is composed by public, private and military aerodromes.

There are 80 airports in Chile with paved runways, concrete or asphalt.

Regarding taxes on arrival, Canadians and US nationals need to pay a reciprocity tax of US$132. It's regarded as a multiple entry visa and is valid until expire of passport.
For Australian citizens the amount payable on arrival is US$ 61 for a period of three month.

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