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Brazil is a country where just about everything comes super-sized. It's the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world.
It has the largest city in South America (São Paulo) the largest river in the world by all measures (Amazon river) and the list could go on and on.

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Talking about airports the list of impressive numbers continues just the same.
The number of airports in Brazil with paved runways (concrete or asphalt) goes over 700 making it the world's second largest after USA.

To list all airports in Brazil would be a daunting task so we have reduced it to its top twenty list by busiest terminals (passenger traffic). You will find all airports serving the twelve host cities for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 included in the list.

Your Brazil travel experience will surely take you to some of them so you are better off in getting acquainted with your potential landing spots beforehand.
International travellers will be landing either at Guarulhos Intl Airport (São Paulo) or Antonio Carlos Jobim Intl Airport (Rio) in most cases before boarding connecting flights to their final destination.

You will need Google Earth to see the satellite images for each of them downoload the free edition here.

Airports in Brazil:

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