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Peru acts of faith: A chat with the Lord
A Chat with the Lord - © Daniel Moore

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Since the times of Inca civilization religious ceremonies hold an important place in the life of Peruvian people.
Many festivals - Peru holds some 3 000 festivals a year - are solemn processions while other are directly linked to Inca traditions.

Acts of faith where both the sacred and the profane come together in a unique manifestation of Peruvian culture.

Peru's population is predominantly of Catholic origin - over 90% - and Peru highlands or Sierra is perhaps where the Christian rite is most visible.

Offerings to Pachamama or Mother Earth are combined with veneration of Christ patron saints and virgin Mary conforming an incredible mosaic of processions pilgrimages Andean music dancing colorful costumes and masks with traditional food and drink that vary according to the event.

Peruvian acts of faith are a magical combination of myth and reality...

Inti Raymi is the most majestic pre-Hispanic ceremony to render homage to the sun and local harvests.
The single most important feast of Incas.

It's held every year on June 24th.just outside Cuzco in Sacsayhuaman and marks the Winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.
In the realm of the Catholic belief instead there are many and varied festivities.

Holy week represents the peak of religious sentiment for the people of the Andes and Ayacucho celebrates one of the most intense portrayals of the passion death and resurrection of Christ.

Virgen de la Candelaria celebrated in Puno every year is another landmark of Peruvian Christianity but nothing compares to the Lord of Miracles - Señor de los Milagros...

The Lord of Miracles - October 18/28th. - is one of the largest processions in South America.
Dates back to Colonial times when an Angolan slave drew the image of a black Christ on a hut in a plantation in Pachacamilla near Lima.

The image survived intact despite the earthquake of 1746 and became the most widely venerated icon of Lima also known as the Purple Christ.

To learn more about Peru festivities please download this booklet produced by the Corporation or Tourism Promotion of Peru (PromPeru).
It's called The Traveler's Guide to Festivities Music and Folk Art in Peru.
Download this PDF file here.

The following images are solely intended to provide you with a hint of Peru festivities acts of faith engraved in our memory that we would like to share with you.
So seat back and enjoy some Peru Pictures...and don't forget to click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version of them...

Act Boy with flowers © Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 1
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 14
© Daniel Moore
Peru Acts of Faith in Peru:
Procession 19

© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 12
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 20
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 6
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 1
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 7
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 10
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 22
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 11
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 25
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 21 © Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 8 © Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 2 © Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 3
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 4
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 13
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 24
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 18
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 15
© Daniel Moore
Peru Procession 23
© Daniel Moore
Peru A Chat with the Lord
© Daniel Moore

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