5 of the Top Sights
and Attractions in Argentina

Argentina has a little bit of something for every type of traveller. Nature lovers will instantly fall in love with the country’s great biodiversity, history buffs will be astounded by the country’s rich culture and history, and adventure lovers will be spoiled for choice with dozens of exciting activities available at various locations throughout the country.

This article will list 5 of the top sights and attractions in Argentina.

#1 - The Gauchos of Argentina

Gauchos are the rough equivalent of an Argentinian cowboy. They live in the countryside, herd cattle, and ride horses to get from place to place.Many gauchos let visitors stay at their estancias (or ranches) where they can learn how to be a gaucho by day while enjoying feasts and parties at night.

These visitors can also learn how to make malbec, a traditional Argentinian red wine. For animal lovers and adventure lovers, a trip with the gauchos of Argentina will be an unforgettable experience.

#2 - Argentina’s great biodiversity

Argentina has it all. Lakes and glaciers spanning hundreds of miles. Rainforests stretching out for hundreds of acres. Deserts occupying hundreds of thousands of square miles. And more.

Each area has its own unique wildlife, too, with many creatures that can only be found in Argentina. In as little as a week, nature lovers will be able to see giant snow capped mountains, huge rainforests, and gigantic arid deserts. Few other places on Earth can offer such great biodiversity.

#3 - The lives of Argentinians in the Pampas

Gauchos at work. Argentina
Gauchos at work in the Estancias

Argentina’s pampas are a set of grassy plains covering much of the country. The soils here are fertile, and the climate is mild with consistent rainfall throughout the year, making the pampas the ideal place for growing food and crops.

Many Argentinian farmers spend their days toiling away at the soils in the pampas, growing food and crops to support their families.

They work long days in the fields, and retire to relax with their family and friends at night.

Visitors to the pampas region of Argentina will be able to see the way these Argentinians live their lives on a daily basis.

They’ll be able to see how they work in the fields, the villages they live in, and they’ll be able to converse with them and learn more about their way of life. For those interested in Argentina’s history and culture, this is an unmissable experience.

#4 - Iguazú Falls

Iguazú Falls, located near the borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, is one of the great natural wonders of the world. It can be reached from Puerto Iguaza, a small town located in northeast Argentina.

The Iguazú Falls themselves are stunning to behold. Walking around the parks while taking in the beauty of Iguazú Falls’s 275 waterfalls is a must for every visitor to Argentina. Well located observation spots allow for picturesque views over the waterfalls, too.

More adventurous travellers will be interested in Iguazú Falls’ many hiking trails. These trails stretch for dozens of miles in every direction with scenic views available over the waterfalls from certain spots. Boat rides into the waterfalls are available, too. Make sure to bring a rainjacket, though, as the organisers of these rides don’t supply any.

#5 - Argentinian Architecture

Buenos Aires at night. Argentina
Buenos Aires at night

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, was once nicknamed the ‘Paris’ of South America due to its beautiful European-inspired architecture.

The city is home to dozens of stunning buildings that are sure to impress, and it has a European feel to it, too.

Buenos Aires isn’t the only city in Argentina with impressive architecture, though.

Cordoba, Rosario, and many other Argentinian cities are home to buildings with beautiful designs, too.

Each city has its own unique vibe, too, and the Argentinian locals are very welcoming of visitors to their country. For lovers of art, culture, and history, Argentina’s architecture is a delight to take in.

Many of the cities also contain museums with exhibits that show the development of Argentina’s architectural style over the years and art galleries containing works of art from local Argentinian artists. These museums and art galleries are definitely worth a visit.

Summing Up

Argentina has a little bit of something for everyone. It’s the perfect place to enjoy any type of holiday, whether it be a relaxing, culture filled holiday, or an adventurous nature holiday.
Make sure to book your flights early and avoid the rush. As an added bonus, cheap flights will be easier to find when you book early, too.

Choose Argentina for your next holiday. You won’t regret it.



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